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Jobert 10-25-2021 08:36 PM

Our 01 Ambassador had a 4 bag suspension by Neway. It did not have the trailing arm problem, it was made late in the 01 model year. Late in the 2002 model year and 2003 they switched to their own in-house Roadmaster suspension an then the problem developed. We had an 01 38PBT and it was not in the 01 brochure but was in the 02. I have on 01 brochure for the Ambassador but it only shows 34-36 ft models with 1 or 2 slides. Our 38PBT came with the ISC 315hp and 3 slides.
Hope this may help. Happy trails Bert

Jchemie 11-02-2021 07:02 PM

Rear trailing arm issue: I believe that would be Monaco & Holiday Rambler (HR) models with the Roadmaster frame from 2002-2007. I have a 2004 Holiday Rambler 34.5 ft (otherwise called a 35’) with the Roadmaster frame, and as of a few weeks ago the right rear trailing arm sheared off as advertised. Someone upstairs was watching out for me and I made it back home unscathed and un-towed. Cost to replace it (quoted to me) is $2,250.+$160 shipping. Source Engineering Inc, in Oregon, is the only known manufacturer of better, stronger replacement units. Call them @ 458/207-9442. Check them out for a few other replacement parts that Monaco “built for failure”. They have some good people there that can answer your questions.
Oh and I really like my HR Neptune, 300 hp 5.9L Cummins diesel, Allison 5 spd, 2 slides, 5.5k diesel genset, loaded with features. Yeah, under powered, only 5K towing capacity, but hey, it is fun for us.

Ask Byron 11-02-2021 10:01 PM

Look for Holiday Rambler Neptune. Also be aware that in the year range you are looking watch out for Cummins Engine with a #54 block. Also, the Roadmaster Chassis back then had a Trailing Arm defect. Look for these things on the DP.
There is a 30 ft Neptune in North Caroline Market place but the owner is a little weird . He never gave good answers to my questions so I moved on.
I am still looking for a 30 or 32 have been for a year now. They are hard to find. Either in good shape or wanting to rob you. I have a 26 ft gas so am not under pressure.
Good Luck

Ask Byron 11-02-2021 10:23 PM

Got My block number wrong. It is the #53 that can crack on you.

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