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SoundDude 10-21-2021 02:02 PM

2004 Gulfstream 12V issue
Hi all,

I have an inherited 2004 GS Friendship G7. One question I have is should either shore power or Genny power charge the chassis batteries? If so, what should I check as that does not seem to be happening. They only seem to be charging when the engine is running. House batteries seem fine, though I know they are getting quite old at this point.

Second question: There is a 12V circuit that (so far) appears to supply voltage to the stairs, the front-most overhead light (switch is on that panel just inside the door as you enter the RV), cigarette lighter-type outlets (I have two on my dash), the driver's seat, the Jacks controller, and the reading lights above the captain's chairs, the light outside for the stairs, and strangely enough - the master bedroom hydraulic slide. Might anyone have any clue where this power comes from? What fuses/relays can I check? The issue with this circuit was intermittent for a while. I could be driving down the road and hit a bump and it would start working. Hit another bump and it would go away. Seems to have worked when it felt like it. But for about a month now it hasn't come back. I've tried to trace wires but the way things are bundled it's practically impossible without un-bundling every bundle along the way. Any pointers would be much appreciated.

153stars 10-22-2021 06:28 PM

The chassis batteries can be charged by house charger inverter. It's charged by some form of battery combiner. Either IRD , BIRD or DC to DC charger. The first two will engage the largest solenoid , referred to as big boy. I would start another thread in owners forums.
For the other power issues. There's many places positive cables are linked or stacked as well as on isolation lugs an insulator like plastic with a brass stud and nut on both sides.
Throughout a genny no start issue I cleaned about every ground and positive cable connection on my coach.
Do you have an electrical diagram collection . If not try to post for one.

donr103 10-22-2021 10:36 PM

Critters love tasty wires and rubber hoses and lines on rv and eat the tiniest holes that will short out stuff.. when things go haywire and don't make sense keep critters in the back of your mind.. they make nest, shorts and every kind of trouble
Good luck and let us know what you did and maybe better members then me will help you

RKins 10-23-2021 08:27 AM

@SoundDude It would help us if you could take and post a picture of your Electrical bay, one that fills the whole picture so we can see stuff on the back and side walls.

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