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Winemaker2 10-30-2021 05:50 PM


Originally Posted by MRUSA14 (Post 5964368)
Interest? The interest you get on $25 for 5 years wonít pay for one postage stamp!


Originally Posted by Souljourner (Post 5964528)
Thatís why I see no harm in giving NYS $25 to hold for me. :)

Exactly! Thats why I have an EZ pass for a once / year trip. It's convenient and cost effective... whats to dislike?
If the interest on $25 is significant to anyone they should not be even considering an RV.

arcaguy 10-30-2021 06:25 PM

And now you know why I have my GPS set to "avoid tolls". I was recently through Chicago a couple of times and had to send them 2 letters every time to get their stupid billing straightened out. That said, I have figured out how to get through Chicago going either north to south or east to west and not have to pay a toll. I see absolutely no reason I will ever do anything else. It's not the amount of the tolls it's the grief of having to put up with their collection systems that are broken to little bitty pieces.

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