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EngineerRick 12-05-2021 03:20 PM

I'll suggest looking into, maybe subscribe for 1 Email/week, Ask Woody. I've been favorably impressed over the years and, since Woody retired, the folks carrying on seem to be on par. is the latest newsletter. My takeaway is that Windows 11 provides a stronger level of security and extremely little else.

EngineerRick 12-05-2021 03:29 PM

Those with older Windows based apps might try running them with WINE under Linux. I've been using Ubuntu Linux for 10 years and like it. The latest editions have changed the user interface just a little to be more like Windows. WINE is a Windows emulator, I've got very little experience with it, believe it keeps older Windows function, and have read reports that it's much more capable in the latest versions. An older computer will likely run Ubuntu and the only cost to try is your time, as it's open source software.

Saf 12-05-2021 03:31 PM

maybe a scam

Originally Posted by PbdBlue (Post 6000763)
Mostly it's about security. Anything older than Win 10 is pretty vulnerable. Win 11 adds TPM 2.0 which is a hardware security enhancement. Other than that it's a slightly different interface. I haven't noticed any glaring issues with it.

Linux doesn't do all the updates and loads much faster even on old machines and seems secure. I don't think it's our security they update for but theirs, by updating their spying capacity on us and/or seeing what we have been doing.


Igeaux 12-05-2021 03:34 PM

We were always Mac people,
Now Appel is as bad as Microsoft for constant up dates and incompatibility with legacy software.

We are all LINUX now. Could not be happier. Haven't had a crash in over a year.

Back at the Team garage, we have a LINUX RedHat server that has been online 24/7 since 2009.

Brent Rasmussen 12-05-2021 04:06 PM

Linux Mint
Not trying to derail the conversation, but this needs to be said:

If you are coming from XP, W7, or Vista, and you are concerned about the Windows 11 fiasco that is brewing, you owe it to yourself to try out Linux Mint.

It's an OS that "just works" - like the older stable versions of Windows. Mint is a joy to use. It works great on older hardware and newer hardware. The install is bone-simple and again, it "just works".

There is very little risk from viruses when you run Linux Mint. It finds and installs drivers for all your peripherals and printers with no muss, no fuss. In 30 minutes you could have a brand new-feeling PC.

Best of all, Linux Mint is 100% free, as are all of the native Linux apps. People will tell you to run Wine so you can continue to run your old favorite Windows apps, and that is true - but the Linux app ecosystem is HUGE, free, and very robust. I'll bet there's a Linux equivalent for nearly every app you've ever used that does it better, simpler, and FREE.

I've been running Mint for 15 years now. I am an IT professional, and I support Windows machines in my day job. Trust me, Mint is worth a look - especially if you are worried about the new hardware requirements, and the way that windows has just become an expensive marketing vehicle. You are PAYING Microsoft to give you advertisements on your own computer. Why? :)

xyzabc 12-05-2021 04:11 PM


Originally Posted by JohnBike (Post 6000910)
Get a Mac!

Yep guaranteed to be obsolete in 3 years. That's about as long as Apple will let you upgrade their expensive toys.

Got screwed with a Mac we owned, bought new at release and no OS upgrades after 3 years. Went to an Apple store and was told, sorry, you need a newer Mac, no trade in. And it would only cost your right arm and left leg. Never will buy another Apple product again. But they really have a very PR department. Able to sell minor upgrades as a big deal.

JeffSage 12-05-2021 04:17 PM

The issue is if you donít stay fairly current you risk security holes. With Quicken, they only support 3 years back. If you can afford to loose your data then you donít need to keep a supported version. I have 42 years in the computer industry.

rmassaro 12-05-2021 04:30 PM

Drop Windows and go with Mac
I have worked with IT and networks since the late 1980s. I was a devoted PC and Windows guru until 2008. Thatís when the Mrs let me buy an IMac for myself for Xmas. I never looked back. My 2009 IMac 27Ē still works as good as any pc and my 2011 MacBook Pro with quad core I7 and 16 mg ram still delivers. I am using it on my lap now. I still use a HP with 3 monitors for work- that is what corporate says I shall use. A new MacBook Air or Pro isnít that much and by golly they will deliver solid results for years. In my case well over 10. I donít care how devoted a PC person is- they are not the same machine- period. How many people use an IPhone versus a Microsoft phone? I donít worry about all the other gibberish that comes with a pc and itís vulnerability. Your choice but you asked and from almost 40 years of using PC types and later Mac- no comparison- none. I drive a BMW 328i Xdrive because I needed AWD and at the same time my company requires low carbon footprint and good gas mileage. There werenít any affordable US built cars that met the company requirements. Just European and Asian. The car delivers superior driving in all weather- I now live in West Virginia but was in western NY south of Buffalo for almost 5 years and the BMW never let me down. I feel the same for Apple products. You may pay more upfront but in the long run you will save money over the long haul.

MotownTom 12-05-2021 04:42 PM

Software Upgrade Learning Curve

Originally Posted by wagonmaster2 (Post 6000495)
Been looking at new laptops and most come with Windows 10 with free opportunity for the store to upgrade to Windows 11. Anyone with any experience with the Windows 11 yet?

Since I'm jumping up from Windows 7 either one will be a big improvement, BUT, is one better or nicer to work with than the other. No idea at all what either is all about.

You're right. Either one is going to require a frustrating period figuring out how to navigate and accomplish familiar tasks. So, it makes the most sense to go to Windows 11 and save yourself the 10 to 11 BS. :cool:

billley 12-05-2021 04:47 PM

Unless you're on a tablet do NOT "downgrade" to Windows 11. If you use a keyboard the Win 11 interface will drive you crazy. 10 is okay. And do a system restore back up first!

Gforceone 12-05-2021 04:47 PM


Originally Posted by wagonmaster2 (Post 6000495)
Been looking at new laptops and most come with Windows 10 with free opportunity for the store to upgrade to Windows 11. Anyone with any experience with the Windows 11 yet?

Since I'm jumping up from Windows 7 either one will be a big improvement, BUT, is one better or nicer to work with than the other. No idea at all what either is all about.

Seems like wrong forum to me. However, Iím sure youíll get some feedback. Not sure Iíd look to RV peeps as computer experts . Just Saying 😁

Zymurgest 12-05-2021 04:58 PM

AFAIK, this is the first OS release to have "special" requirements from your hardware other than CPU speed, memory amount, and storage capacity. While they claim its about security (which is tangentially true), it's more about selling new computers IMHO as the WHWQL certification does not extend to computers without the latest CPU's, motherboards, and storage (no support for HDD's, just SSD's, and M.2 drives). Even though my computer passes all the recommended requirements, windows health and diagnostic software said my CPU was too "old", yet it exceeds their stated requirements for speed by 4X (4 Ghz), and HDD space (2 TB), and motherboard (Crosshair IV AM3+). Seems like the hardware manufacturers have gotten Microsoft to work with them in selling more new machines, which have dwindled to almost next to nothing these past two years. Just my personal opinion, but it does stink to high heaven of collusion!

Steve578 12-05-2021 05:12 PM

Just got the free upgrade to 11 from 10. I can't see much difference in the way it works.

WagonMaster 12-05-2021 05:22 PM


Originally Posted by wagonmaster2 (Post 6001610)
Up until a couple years ago I was using a HP laptop with Vista, But since the wife was just playing games on her HP laptop Windows 7 I decided to change with her. Unfortunately a few weeks ago the Windows 7 screen went blank even tho I can hear movements inside.

So went back to my old Vista that is still working, but seeing as how the 7 has crapped out with less use than the Vista surely the Vista won't last much longer. I've already lost all my e-mail on Windows Mail with the Vista since MS no longer supporting it and I'm unable to even access it. As of April every time I try it asks for my ID and Password, which I've never had to do, but have no idea what it's asking for. So speaking, it's gone for me.

Not really excited about going to either a 10 or 11, but one of those happenings you know just has to take place.

Changes are evedent, but not all changes are good. Like was stated above, even XP is still very much usable and good, same with my Vista. Have heard it's really terrible but I'm used to it and have no problems. Just the age of it.

I'm going to tell you what I did, not necessarily what you should do. Went to Walmart on line and bought a 14" HP laptop for around $360.00. It only had 4g of memory so I spent 28.00 for 8g and installed it myself after watching a you tube video. It came with Win10 but today it automatically updated to Win11, and I really like it. Things seemed to be speedier. So I've got less than 400 bucks in it and it does everything I want. It's light and the battery lasts a long time. I would definitely not get any less memory than 8g. The model is 14-DK1032wm....looks like it's priced at 329.00 but you will definitely need to upgrade the RAM to 8G. Amazon for 28.00. Good luck.

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