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bneiva 01-17-2022 12:36 PM

American Coach cap marker lights
By chance, does anybody happen to know how the wires are run to the 5 amber marker lights on the front cap of a 2003 American Tradition? I'm trying to replace my light assemblies but cannot get to the connections that feed each light because all the slack was taken out of the wires during assembly!! I would have thought they ran up to the cap via the columns on each side of the windshield but found this not to be. Any help would be appreciated....

Thanks in Advance!

03 American Tradition

mackwrench 01-17-2022 02:37 PM

Not sure on a 2003, but 1999 runs up the "A" piller on driver's side.

Since you say not, then I'd look at the area behind drivers side window

bneiva 01-17-2022 04:19 PM

Thanks! there are many wires that run up the column on the drivers side but they are all identified as speaker wires. I removed the drivers side marker light and can clearly see where the wire runs "forward" but that's the extent of it! All I wish to do is find if there is any slack to be had. If I fail to find the wires, I'm thinking of cutting the pigtail that leaves the marker light and simply add another connector to that. I Hate to do a half baked job but at least it's a solution! Thanks for the help!


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