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ThomasBachi 05-13-2022 11:20 AM

Accutech Compass is reading about 90 off
Greeting TS Fans

Travel Supreme; M-42DS04 :dance:

I need your help in locating my Accutech Compass sensor.

My Accutech Compass is reading about 90 off. I called Accutech and they said I should find the probe and to make sure it did not loose a mounting screw, but they could tell me where to look for the sending unit/probe. All they could advise me to do is to follow the probe wire.

I did as best I could and then the wire disappeared in behind the firewall and I could find the other end where. I did find the outside temperature probe out side mounted low in the front on the left frame rail. But not the compass sensor.

Thanks in Advance
Thomas :whistling:

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