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3dhunt 05-16-2022 05:19 PM

Black tank valve issue
Just a bit of info on the last day of our recent vacation in the new to us, Admiral coach. The morning we left I went to empty the black tank before returning home, I pulled on the handle to dump and there was no resistance on it. O no !!! My first thought was the cable either broke or came loose at the valve end. On my coach, you donít actually pull on the valve itself, because as I understand it, the valve is on the opposite side or curbside. Itís a push/pull with a cable. So I arrived home Sunday and went back out the next morning to see what had actually happened. The cable didnít break but where the cable goes up into the sleeve that houseís the T handle is a crimp that holds everything together. Overtime the crimp loosenís and now when you pull the T, the entire cable moves back and forth not just the wire inside. WOW I can picture some trying to get this confusing picture in their head. Like a cow looking at a new gate. Anyway I was able to trim the plastic coating on the cable, slide it back up in the sleeve and borrowed my buddyís crimper that makes heavy duty battery cables and recrimped it and it worked great. Please someone tell me they understand all of this so I can feel good about trying to help the next guy out. Thx for all the good info and tips from many of you on this site.

l1v3fr33ord1 05-16-2022 06:10 PM


Thanks for the tip! It will help another frustrated iRV2 member.

I rebuilt the piping in my 2008 Admiral, eliminating the cables. This has made dumping the tanks a lot less exciting.

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