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ziaptrn 05-17-2022 07:40 AM

Light Switches in Main Cabin - which switch?
Hello all -
I'm trying to determine which switches should operate the overhead fluorescent fixtures in the main cabin of our 2004 MountainAire 4301 Diesel Pusher. The fluorescent fixture directly over the dinette and the forward-most one in the center of the ceiling are not working. The fixtures themselves work with 12v supplied directly, and the switches on the fixtures themselves work and are in the 'on' position.

There are 3 switches for which I have questions: 1. There are 2 pairs of switches in the slide out itself, with 1 panel of switches beside the dining table and 1 panel at the end of the sofa. On both of these, 1 switch operates the puck lights inside the slide, and the other one does nothing. Same thing on both ends. There is another switch at the passenger right-hand side panel that has a light with rays printed on it, and this doesn't appear to do anything either.

The lights worked previously and this all started after I had carpet replaced in the main living area, and now I'm trying to get the lights to work again. Naturally, I can't remember which switch did what!!

Newmar was of no help, replying that "We do not have a schematic for this application as the men free-wire these in production"

Any assistance in switch matching and/or how to track this down backwards would be appreciated. There are no blown fuses that I can find.


Skip426 05-17-2022 09:43 AM

I hope that our coaches are at least close in this .

Three switch panel beside passenger .
1- first two ceiling lights , this switch accessible from stairs for entry when coach is dark ( switch at fixture MUST be on ).
2- porch light
3- power step over ride , to keep steps out when door is closed .

Couch end of slide .
1- puck lights
2- wall sconces ( switch at fixture must be on )

Dining Table end
1 - overhead lighting for table . NOTE . fixture depends on whether or not you have optional overhead cabinets .But if it has a switch at the fixture it must be on.
2 ??? I only have the one there .

ziaptrn 05-17-2022 12:21 PM

Partial Success - 1 left to go
Thank you SO MUCH for the kind response. You guys are the best.

Our slide-side switches are the same, and I suspect that I had something off or on that should have been the reverse.

At any rate - the puck lights work - 1 from dinette end, 1 from sofa end.
The sconce works from the sofa end, and the over-table fluorescent works from the dinette end. Hooray. One side down.

Still, I cannot figure out the front fluorescent in the ceiling near the entrance. I'm suspecting that it should work with the button at right passenger side with the 'light bulb' on it. My panel has 5 switches, however, so it is different than yours with three. The switches are: Patio, Visor, Shade, No wiriting but light bulb symbol, and Map Light.
I'm going to re-check everything.

I was worried that the carpet install at the right passenger side panel may have jarred something loose. The carpet install was, to put it lightly, a bit lacking with care and/or expertise.

Thanks again for the lift up the ladder :-)


Skip426 05-17-2022 03:26 PM

Don't overlook the possibility that a ballast resistor may have failed in the fixture.

All the switch wiring drops down the wall from the ceiling cavity , so kind of hard for any kind of work on the flooring to mess things up .

ziaptrn 05-18-2022 03:01 PM

Switches - all systems are go
Hi again -
Thanks so much for the suggestion. Many times it's just nice to hear someone else say what I was thinking as a sort of verification.
The carpet replacement did involve removing the plastic wall panels at the driver and passenger captain's chair sides, and there are huge looms of wires running behind there and up and who knows where. Before I started digging in there and really making a mess, I thought I'd ask.

And you are 2/2 :-) The ballast on the forward fluorescent just coincidentally decided to begin working sporadically. I connected it to test once and the light illuminated so I figured "ok, not that". Repeated connect and disconnect of power, however, showed a sporadic pattern of occasionally working but mostly not.

I verified all of the current at the wires before the fixture and the switch that I suspected of operating the light was/is the correct one.

So - all repaired now and all switches work and lights illuminate.

Thanks again for the kindness and supportive words. Sometimes I'm not as dumb as I look, but other times, I'm even worse off than I appear! Validation is a good thing and is much appreciated.


Skip426 05-18-2022 06:15 PM

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My DS had 6 , 12 " florescent fixtures and 6 , 18 " ones , I converted all to led strip lighting for about $60 , 7 years ago . :thumb:

More strips , more light in areas where needed .

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