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beckeda 05-24-2022 06:32 PM

Day 2 completed. After 1 night in the rig, we found a few minor very minor issues that were resolved during the day today. First thing this morning we took our test drive. About 20 minutes on various types of road and quality. From the moment I selected drive, I could tell a difference compared to my old 2020 Baystar Sport. Much more solid feel to this new chassis. On smooth roads this new unit drives really well. On bumpy roads its better than the previous chassis for sure. The V8 is a decent improvement over the V10. It is significantly quieter than the V10. I have to give some credit to Ford here. They made some nice changes.

A good day!

beckeda 05-27-2022 06:41 AM

Day 3 and 4 in the books. We basically done with the delivery process. Overall, there were very few issues. Nothing that would have prevented using the coach and alot of it I could have done myself.

Just enjoying the cooler weather here in Nappanee and hanging out here at the Newmar Camp.

Our tech was really good about helping me understand the electronics and now I feel like I have that under control.

I noticed that the radio/speakers and soundbard quality are much better than previous rigs.

The NAV system.....uggh. Just give us Apple CarPlay.

beckeda 06-06-2022 04:41 PM

Completed the factory delivery. Had the 4 corner Liquid Spring install completed. Drove home - about 900 miles. Overall, I am very happy with the Newmar Baystar 3124. I really have had no issues with Newmar. I did get the Service Advance Trac warning light - that's a Ford F53 issue. Still need to figure that out.

As I mentioned before, the stock F53 chassis ride quality was not bad. Much better than the V10. Granted, I only drove the stock version for about 150 miles maybe. Did not hit any rough roads. The Liquid Spring suspension is a noticeable improvement. I could tell immediatly that the control of the coach was much better. My biggest hope for this suspension was that it would smooth out the front end harshness. And I have to say that it does a pretty good job of that. Not perfect. But, compared to the 2020 Entegra Aspire on the Spartan K2/450 chassis, I would say with respect to front end harshness, Liquid Spring is better. When it comes to big trucks passing by, I would give the nod to the K2/450 chassis - as it should be. I hit some really strong winds in the Oklahoma City to Dallas area on I35. For me this was all about front end harshness....if LS could make the drive reasonable, I would keep the coach....if not, I would sell it and get out of the lifestyle for good. I plan to keep it and hope to be able to enjoy the ride for a change. I refuse to use the "game changer"..."night and day" hyperbolic descriptions. The LS system is good and to me it was worth the money spent. You can spend alot more money on a DP and not be as happy as I am with ride quality.

macnut 06-09-2022 03:47 PM

Thanks for the review of LS. Not perfect but enough to make you want to keep on RVing. Thatís great and what I want too. I just ordered a 2023 Baystar 3014 and hope to receive it in October-ish. As soon as I know the expected deliver date I am scheduling LP on rear and front. CA roads can be bad and I hope this smooths things out noticeably and makes driving more fun. I decided to pick up from my dealer and have the LS put on locally, as Wayne from LS gave me a good referral. It will be good to have someone nearby that can work on my coach.

Thanks again for the posts on your delivery! It sounds like you have a great coach and I wish you many many happy traveling miles in it!

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