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Ricker991 05-20-2022 07:14 PM

Trailer sway control
Just wondering how many of you have the built in sway control and do you use it?

My F150 has the built in sway control and I have tried in both on and off pulling our trailer. I have not noticed much difference either way

I do use a WD hitch and was told when I got it a few years ago that the sway control could actually make the sway worse as it may try to overcome the WD hitch

I wondered how many of you had this feature and if you used it?

My trailer is well within the weight limit of my truck so that is not an issue.

CamperLifer 05-21-2022 02:53 AM

The sway control feature should always be left on regardless of the type of hitch you have. It is only noticeable when it actually needs to react to the trailer becoming out of control and that could actually even happen with your anti-sway hitch, especially in windy conditions or if you run off the pavement with the trailer tires and jerk it back on the road. I have had it happen and it will get your attention in a hurry. Engine power will be cut and the trailer brakes will engage and one side or the other of your rear truck brakes might engage. It is a smart system.

Gary RVRoamer 05-22-2022 10:12 AM

If your trailer and any WD hitch is properly set up, it won't ever sway anyway (short of the emergency maneuvers such as what CamperLifer described). The truck anti-sway relief system won't ever activate and everybody is happy. If something happens to take you out of control and sway starts, it's there to help.

As far as one system fighting the other, I think that's just idle internet conjecture. There is nothing in the way the two things operate that conflicts in any way.

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