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oberuwe 05-27-2022 05:55 AM

We are at our 6th rig, owned 2 brand new Newmar's, even a Newell, and can afford a brand new coach, but WHY as a few of you stated correctly after you drive off the dealer lot you loose a good third (or more) of the value the very same day you take it home, we did look for about 2 years for a new one, but most mainstream rigs look like a 5th. wheel camper on the inside, I don't care for that laminated wood at all, back in the days the Monacos, Beavers, and Country coaches are way more beautiful with the "real" wood and craftsmanship than today's rigs (I know everybody has his or her taste diffrences) we are now on our second Signature which has the same fancy stuff as high-end coaches for around $200K with a huge engine you can tow just about anything, we love it and rather spend the money on a nice house which actually appreciates, unlike a motor home!

dbteam 05-27-2022 07:06 AM

Sticker Shock
We're on our second Dutch Star knowing full well that it will depreciate faster than a lead weight thrown into a pond. Then Covid hit and for right now, many RV owners are thinking "Wow, I could make money selling this right now" For new shoppers, my .02 is to be patient (if you can). This bubble is going to pop, used inventories of late models coaches will swell and prices will plummet. Just can't say in the crystal ball when that will be.

As for the cost of owning a DP. We were into boats for years and our DP is MUCH less expensive to operate and maintain. We look at our life as a finite time with our more active years right now. I'll take 7mpg any day at Truck Stop Diesel over 30 gallons per hour at Marina fuel rates.

Hope our kids are not on IRV2 because pssst - we're spending your inheritance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WayneInFL 05-27-2022 02:40 PM

Called "SKIING"
Spending Kids Inheritance!!!! :angel:

Hope our kids are not on IRV2 because pssst - we're spending your inheritance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/QUOTE]

tropical36 05-27-2022 08:06 PM

Depreciation is terrible for a new RV buyer, but great for the used market and for those of us who like find ing a quality coach at reasonable price that we can afford. We've had ours for 6 years now and the asking prices now are for about what we paid then.

Giapk 05-28-2022 07:23 AM

Iíve looked at Dutch Stars in the campgrounds. Those are beautiful coaches.

saddlesore 05-28-2022 09:50 PM

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Our 20 year old Foretravel is just now getting broke in..Many more years of use to follow..

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