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Torkmonster 05-22-2022 10:59 AM

Rear slide stuck out and twisted
I have a Alpine Coach 2004 36 MD, operated by the HWH hydraulic system. The rear bedroom closet slide on the driver side twisted when we tried to retract. I have opened the pressure relief valves. We can manually push in the rear side of the slide easily. But the front side of the slide goes in about half way and then jams. Does anyone know how to access the mechanism on the front side of the slide between the slide and the bathroom wall. Does the front fascia of the closet come off anywhere to access the mechanism.

c_oneil 05-23-2022 07:50 AM

You might consider getting an inspection camera on a flexible stalk that attaches to your phone to see what is going on before you tear into the wood panels. There are some black plastic rollers that can break inside that mechanism. If something like that broke and is jamming things up you might be able to clear it out of the way. There are 8 of those rollers on each side and the slide should still work fine for a while with only 7. Something on the top of the wardrobe could have fallen down into the scissor mechanism. I also seem to remember that if the hydraulic cylinder is turned out of position the elbow on the side of the cylinder can get in the way of the operation.

Torkmonster 05-25-2022 11:18 PM

Thanks very much

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