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Vette Racer 06-21-2006 05:24 PM

Please post your REAL weights as measured by a scale and post your configuration, tanks empty or full, and options, as well as the make of your trailer. Please include your axle weight as well as your pin weight. Thanks to all for your input.

Vette Racer 06-21-2006 07:12 PM

I'll start this off with mine.

I have a 2003 SLC 3705 and I weighed mine both empty (or so) and loaded. With it empty but carrying full propane, empty tanks, a few things underneath, two 12 volt batteries, and I have the fiberglass siding, it weighed 8500 on the axles with a pin of 3400 lbs. With tanks 1/2 full of water and loaded for the road with 97 TJ Jeep inside, axle weight is 12,500 with a pin weight of 3250.

Thats about as close as we can get. What do you have for yours? I know this isn't perfect but we can give everyone a close idea of what to expect for their toyhauler, or perspective toyhauler.

lincster 06-21-2006 08:05 PM

I like this one.

My truck, full fuel, 5er hitch in the bed, 50lbs of tools and no passengers weighs 8360lbs.

I own a 2006 LE3905, basically, I ordered a LE3505 and added 4' onto it.
I weighed my trailer on the way home from picking it up. I had 20 gallons of gas in the station, all tanks were totally empty, full propane and 1 12V battery.
I have Gel Coat, genny, recliners etc. All of the basic upgrades that most do.
So, onto the weights.
My pin weight is 2720lbs and my axle weight was 8880lbs, so 11,600lbs totally empty.
Fully loaded for 6 days at the dunes for Tday, 2000lb buggy, 800lb golf cart, 1 kids quad, 150 gallons of water, 60 gallons of gas, 2 6V batteries, full propane....
CAT scale said 25960 total going down the road.
Pin weight was 3400lbs.
Axle weight was 12,590lbs. Total trailer was 15,990lbs.

high desert 06-21-2006 09:07 PM

Great thread Tom,

I have a 2006 Weekend Warrior FSC 2800. I ordered this coach with every option except the cargo slide. This includes gel coat siding, gen, duel electric beds, two tvs w/inverter, vinyl flooring, ramp room etc. Most here know that this TH came in heavy and the CCC was very low. I upgraded to 16' E rated tires and WW upped the GVWR to 13,000 lb.

I first weighed the TH before the 16" tire upgrade. The fuel station and water tanks were empty,the propane tanks full. I had no toys or camping gear loaded. The tongue weight was 1,300 lb. and the trailer axle weight was 7,800 lb. for a total weight of 9,100 lb.

The second trip to the scale was after the 16" tire upgrade. The fuel station and propane were full and 75 gallons of water was loaded. I also had the quads listed in my sig and all my camping gear for a family of four. The tongue weighed 1,340 lb. and the trailer axle weight was 11,020 lb. for a total weight of 12,360 lb.


WWFan 06-26-2006 05:08 PM

OK...just weighed again's the tickets...

Now...I'm not quite sure that I've got my pin weight correctly...I'm thinkin' 3600# (Help! Linc!)...because this time I first weighed the whole unit (TV & TH), then pulled the truck off the scale to weigh just the trailer. Fortunately, it was a Sunday, and the gal let me do it this way- last time they wanted me to pull the trailer off to the parking lot to drop it then come back to weight the truck.

Good news is the truck still weighs 8400# with full fuel and me, nor anyone else, NOT in it. Even though it's still a "porker", it seems as though it is maintaining it's weight. Note that by the GCWR, I've still got a bunch of room for added weight.

Our SLC has gelcoat sides, rear Double Electric Queen beds, vinyl flooring, both front and inside wall diamondplate wall protectors, 4 each 6 volt Trojans, a 3000W Xantrex Inverter, a 2000w stereo system (outside system- approx 120#, but I didn't have the speakers with me), two TV's plus the TV's sound system inside, an on-board Hitachi air compressor (prolly about 70# with all the plumbing), and a Kingdome Satellite Dish (the 9630). Since I weighed last year before adding the compressor, we've added 240# to the coach (but I don't know what was in it the first time). Oh...I also had the new icemaker in it also (approx 51#).

Just doesn't seem like all of that would add up to 2637# (CC on the sticker said the TH weighed 12063#- yeah right). Must be the heavy clothes we've got stored in it.

To be truthful, I've contemplated trying to get my Non-Comm Class A and getting WW to sticker the darn thing for at least 16k (they'll do in a heartbeat, but I really need an 18k sticker to do any good), but what a hassle. So we've resigned ourselves to the fact that, even though you can put a Jeep on the ROOF, you can't put on IN the rig and haul it- which was the WHOLE reason we bought it in the first place. And to be truthful some more- I wouldn't do it any different than what we have now.

Soooooo...there ya go...Tom: Be glad you have one of the lighter SLC's around.


lincster 06-27-2006 11:18 AM

Sean, I don't see a weight slip for just the truck by itself.
So I used my empty truck weight.
For my truck, with full fuel, 5th wheel hitch in the bed and about 50lbs of tools, I had a drive axle weight of 3640lbs.
7960-3640=4320lbs of pin weight. That makes more sense for your big rig.
Your 8800 is exactly the same empty axle weight that I get.
So to me, your weight for the trailer as you had it loaded that day, was 14,660lbs.
You need that 16k sitcker.

MCR500 06-27-2006 12:43 PM

I don't post often here (lurk mostly!!), but since we're talkin about "big" weights, here's mine.
You can see my tow vehicle in sig: weighs 8540# on CAT scale, full fuel, hitch and me in it, nothing else.

The SLC is as follows: fiberglass sides, bay windows w/rockers, single ultrabed, 2-12V batts., 5500W Onan, about 100# of "stuff" in the front holding compartment.

"Empty" trailer weights(no water, empty holding tanks, full propane,full fuel station(36 gal.), no toys):
PW= 3380#
Trailer ax= 8260#
Trailer Weight= 11640#
Truck GVW= 11920#
Total GCVW= 20180#

"Loaded" trailer weights( full water-120gal, empty grey and black,full propane,full fuel station,all bikes in sig. except for KTM, clothes, food, adult beverage for 8 days at Pismo)

PW= 4580#
Trailer ax= 11580#
Trailer Weight= 16160#
Truck GVW= 13120#
Total GCVW= 24700#

I think I calculated all this right!!

All of these weights were on a CAT scale. On truck GVW and GCVW I'm over by 120#/1200# respectively. I now pull without water, and fill up close to my location, in order to keep in line with my weights. This is with a DUALLY!!
The trailers' GVW is 15000#, so I'm over by quite a bit there. The axles are no where near their load capacities, and I run Michelin XPS Rib tires, so I'm good there, too. I don't worry too much about the trailer weight; I've done everything I can to beef up the running gear, and it tows/stops very well.
I did take my non-commercial class A license test in order to get my Restriction 41, "may tow FW with GVW of 10001# to 15000#", FWIW. My FW placard shows GVW at 15000#, so if the CHP stops me, I should be good-to-go(unless he WEIGHS me!!) Hope this info helps someone to tow safe!! C-Ya!!

MCR500 06-27-2006 02:15 PM

Hey Linc, (or anybody else that knows this stuff!),

If you look at my posted weights, I don't think I calculated my loaded PW correctly.
The empty PW is correct; I weighed it with just me in the truck.
The LOADED PW was done with my DW, three kids, firewood, shovel, leveling blocks and other misc. stuff. You calc. PW by subtracting front and rear empty TV axle weights from loaded TV axle weights with FW attached. Right? So my 4580# PW loaded is on the heavy side by whatever my DW, kids and stuff weighs. My WAG is about 550# heavy on the loaded PW.
I guess I should have weighed loaded just like I did unloaded.
Not gonna happen.
Did I miss something?? C-Ya!!

lincster 06-27-2006 03:25 PM

To calculate an accurate pin weight, your truck has to be the same way with both the trailer hooked up and not hooked up.
Like you had your family in when you weighed with the trailer hooked up and it was only you another time? That is not going to give you an accurate pin weight.

To calculate pin weight you take the Drive axle weight when the trailer is hooked up and subtract the drive axle weight when the trailer is not hooked up.
I don't think you did it right.

WWFan 06-27-2006 04:43 PM


No...I didn't weight the truck by itself, but the 8400# difference between the TV/TH and TH Only is consistent with my last weigh. Looks like I need to weight the TRUCK separately instead of the trailer, but don't the different pads on the scales take that into consideration and weigh the steer and drive axles separately??

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm definitely ready to name you the official iRV2're the King when it comes to figuring this stuff out! Thanks a whole bunch...I'll try to give you a call Friday!

Hey MCR500!! Glad to see ya around these parts! I think I've PM'd you in the past about this, but my mom moved back to Clovis, and if you PM me with your location, I'd like to see about hooking up for a few! In fact, we'll be up there weekend after next for her B-Day. Thanks for sharing your weights...'ol Lincster'll have us crying in our beer here very shortly!

lincster 06-27-2006 06:26 PM

Hey Sean,
Yes, the scale weighs the steer and drive axle separately, but you have to have the truck weighed all by itself before you hook up to make sure you get an accurate weight.
This is how I understand it at least and see how others have done it.
I'll be looking for your call.

WWFan 06-27-2006 07:23 PM


OK...that makes I'm wondering if simply detaching the truck & trailer (while both are on the scales- detaching the trailer enough to only weigh the truck on the front two pads) will do the job- instead of having to pull the trailer off and re-weigh the truck.

I'm trying to find an easy way to get people to weigh their rigs...what I had to go through the first time took a good 1/2 hour to do amidst all the trucks waiting in line to weight also. Although, I have to say, Sunday wasn't a problem- even at the busy Ontario CAT Scales.

I'll try to give you a call on Friday...we've changed our weekend plans and now the group is coming here to the house to party...DW isn't quite happy about it- got house cleaning to do! (But it's a good excuse to get things cleaned up around here!

See ya!


lincster 06-27-2006 07:36 PM

Sean, as long as just the drive axle and steer axle are on pads by themselves, then yes, just jacking the trailer up would work just fine.

asgskt 06-27-2006 08:14 PM

Dealer let me weigh two trailers.

2006 LE3105:
Aluminum sides
Both fuel tanks
Bay windows with booth dinette
Stab jack
Spare tire
Rock guard
Empty propane
Empty tanks

Total wt-- 9,820 lbs
Pin wt---- 2,480 lbs

Sticker wt- 8,285 lbs

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

2007 LE3305:
Fiberglass sides
Both fuel tanks
Bay windows with rockers
Stab jack
Spare tire
Rock guard
Full propane
Empty tanks

Total wt-- 10,940 lbs
Pin wt---- 2,540 lbs

Sticker wt- 10,200 lbs

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