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JRBurn 02-21-2007 04:20 AM

O.K. here is my truck and trailer weights:
Steer: 4480
Drive: 7620
Trailer: 10,780
Total: 22,880

Trailer only: 14,660
Pin: 3880

Truck only: 8150
Steer: 4480
Drive: 3670

Truck had 50 gal. Fuel and myself only in vehicle
Trailer, all tanks empty, Gen fuel cell 10 gal., Toy fuel cell 30 gal., Trailer was empty except clothing, dry foods, etc...
The guy at the scale was cool, let me do all the configurations on the weights.

juzplanekrazy 02-28-2007 08:20 PM

06' Dodge 3500 CTD SRW w/ 18K slider hitch
Full Fuel
Both passangers & Gear

07' KZ New Vision Sportster 38' SBx3 3 slides
Full water (110GAL)+ 2 full 7gal propane bottels
Full Gear & Food and all toys I run with.

Total Weight on CAT ticket =22,480

WWFan 03-07-2007 06:28 AM


Originally posted by juzplanekrazy:
06' Dodge 3500 CTD SRW w/ 18K slider hitch
Full Fuel
Both passangers & Gear

07' KZ New Vision Sportster 38' SBx3 3 slides
Full water (110GAL)+ 2 full 7gal propane bottels
Full Gear & Food and all toys I run with.

Total Weight on CAT ticket =22,480
Wow Joe...just wait until after you get ALL those mods done...she'll be a porker!

Rod McInnis 04-20-2007 09:29 AM

I have never been to a truck scale facility, but I want to....

Can someone outline the proceedure here so I won't look like an idiot when I pull up to the scale?


Vette Racer 04-21-2007 02:20 PM

Hi Rod, welcome to the forum. I'm not an expert on this by any means but I'll try and help.

First of all, I would try and find one not being used at the moment, then pull up to the scales, usually there is a sign telling how to contact the desk, usually a phone there too. Call the desk and tell them you are an individual and want to weigh your truck and trailer. Pull up on the scales and you will see 3 divided sections, pull forward until your front tires are on the last set, then your rear wheels should be on the second section and your trailer tires should be on the 3rd section. There should be a light at the end that turns red and green, when the green light comes on you pull off and go to the desk for the weigh ticket and pay them. A lot of times they will let you go back and weigh the truck for not much more. Anyway, now you have to unhook the trailer and take the truck back across the scales by itself, then go get that weight.

After all that and I have to say that scales vary, ways vary, so these might not = your scales procedure. Anyway, now you can set down and figure your weights, your pin weight is the rear wheels of the truck unloaded subtracted from the loaded rear wheel weight, this = pin weight. Your trailer axles are what they are and your steer tires are what they are loaded and unloaded. Your gross weight combined will be the total of the first weight hooked up. Your total truck weight is the total of the truck by itself.

Hope this makes some sense, like I said I'm no expert on explaining this. Linc is probably laughing his head off reading this and if I'm wrong somewhere please feel free to correct this.

It isn't nearly as hard as I made it sound. In fact its easy. The hard part is looking at your weights and thinking, it can't be that heavy! Good luck!

Bearman 04-22-2007 06:34 AM

We have weighed our rig, but I will have to get the trailer weighed side to side, I also need to weigh the truck and trailer seperatly. This was weighed with full water (100 gal in trailer), full fuel station (50 gal) my Harley and 700 Polaris quad in the garage of the trailer. The truck was 1/2 full of fuel (120 gal) 1 Polaris 300 and a Polaris 500 on the deck, and a 200 gal water tank full also on he deck.
Steering axle 9635 lbs
Drivers axle 12935 lbs
Trailer axle weight 18507 lbs
Jeep (toad) weight) 3892 lbs
Total weight 44,969 lbs

high desert 04-23-2007 07:20 AM

Wow Bear.........You win the "heavy hauler" award.

Btw.....I love your set up. Very nice.


RobG 05-11-2007 01:00 PM

I just picked up the trailer yesterday and weighed it before putting it in storage, so here goes.

2006 Keystone Raptor 3814SS
- Maybe 2-3 gal water
- 5 gal fuel in filling station
- approx 500 lbs personal items from trade-in
- Otherwise completely stock/empty

Steer: 4480
Drive: 6320 (truck is around 3500 unloaded)
Trailer: 9520
Gross: 20320

Given those figures, Keystone is just about dead-on with their figures.

Once I get the trailer loaded up with kitchenware, clothes and so on (for a trip next weekend), I'll weigh it again and post.


T210DRVR 01-11-2008 07:45 PM

Truck with fifth wheel attached family of five and four quads with 40 gallons of water:

Truck Front Axle 4,900 LBS
Truck Rear Axle 6,300 LBS
Trailer Axles 11,800 LBS

Total 23,000

Truck empty weight with pax is Aprox 8,000 so pin weight is 3,200 lbs.

Location of water tanks is not optimum as aprox 40% of weight ends up on pin and 60% on trailer axles. Trailer is already pin heavy empty so locating the water tanks directly over the trailer axles would have been a better location.

Vette Racer 01-12-2008 05:27 PM

Thanks for the numbers T210DRVR, Your real close to my numbers for my WW except for the truck. Good luck to you.

Crazybanshee 02-04-2008 04:33 PM

These are the weights of our truck and trailer.
Truck with 240 gal diesel
Truck with 100 gal water
Camper with 110 gal water,4 quads,food,gear,beer
Front axle 9900 lbs
Rear axle 12960 lbs
Triple axle 14650 lbs
Truck weight 20000 lbs
Hitch weight 4300 lbs
Trailer weight 18950 lbs

TheNewFarmer 09-26-2012 07:45 PM

Ford F350 dually diesel crew cab long bed full of fuel and Voltage 3950 with full LP tanks, about 20 gallons gas, no fresh water and empty grey/black tanks. Gator and some toys in the back, pretty full with food and other support. Total weight was 27,450 lbs. The truck weights close to 8400lbs. Will try to get pin weight later..

Bill Davey 12-13-2012 04:45 PM

KZ Stoneridge Sportster weights
Toyhauler is 2013 KZ Stoneridge Sportster; No water or waste, propane full, pots pans clothes etc ready for the road. 2002 Harley Heritage softail in the garage, 2 bicycles, etc.
Trailer Axles = 13,260#
Pin Weight = 2570#
Trailer total = 15,830#
Truck is 2012 Dodge Ram 3500 CC DRW 4X4 CTD Big Horn - Max tow option. 3/4 Fuel (about 28 gallons), 2 Honda 2,000i generators, tools, and other miscellaneous stuff in tool box. Pullrite Super 5th hitch, driver in the cab.
Truck alone = 8670#
Front Axle = 4800# hitched
Rear Axle = 6640# hitched
Truck total hitched to trailer 11,440#

Combined total weight 24,500# vs truck GCVWR 28,300.

Hope this helps anybody who is told you can pull this with a 2500 (F250 etc).

Clomok 01-15-2017 01:09 AM

with my 2012 ram 3500 CCLB dually 4x4 , and my 06 rage'n 3605 BL i sit at:
Truck by it self: 5080 front axle 3680 rear axle

with the trailer(100 gal water, no toys) :15200 (23980 gross)
4940 front axle
7840 rear axle
11200 trailer axle group

old thread resurrection...

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