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jestew3 06-25-2022 03:49 PM

KMG Slide Motor Sourcing
Good Afternoon Newmar friends, I believe we have a kitchen slide motor that is giving up the ghost on our 2019 MADP. The part number is Newmar 135073 or KMG K01176H350. I found it at Newpar for $1319.82 (ouch). Has anyone found a cheaper source for replacement slide motors? I'm pretty sure that Newmar has a patent on the motor, but it can't hurt to ask.

Thank you!


Dutch Star Don 06-25-2022 04:01 PM

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If you have a good relationship with your selling dealer, see what they will charge you for it. they may help you some with a little discount.

On our 2019 Dutch Star we broke two of those motors. I broke the first one, thinking it just had an issue. A few months later, I broke the same one again. I was pretty agitated and called Klauber the manufacturer. They won't sell you a motor or any parts and was flabbergasted when I told him what Newmar sells them for, about an $800 or $900 write up.

The Klauber support guy told me to hang on and went to talk to an engineer. When he returned, he said the engineer suspected that the circuit board (module) that supplies power to the motors was not sending enough amperage to one of the motors. I replaced both motors and the DSC100 board and so far, has been good for over a year.

Three things.....first, it's much easier to unbolt the metal cage the motor is housed in (four bolts) and then reinstall the motor and metal cage as one unit. Second, anytime you replace one of those motors, I would reset the controller. It's very easy to do. Put it in Learning Mode, extend the slide until it's all the way out, without going past the point it stops and then retract it until the locks engage and stop (See procedure below). Third thing, I don't extend or retract that slide or the FWS without the engine running.

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