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Roadking5901 06-27-2022 08:52 AM

Todd Power transfer switch
Hi, newbie here. Picked up my new to me 1999 Monaco Diplomat last Wednesday. When we looked at it, everything was fine, it was plugged in and the genset(diesel) ran great. Got it home, plugged it in(had to use a 20/50 amp connector). Was woken that night to the sound of an electrical surging/bumping, sound. Cord was warm, disconnected it and the sound went away. Wired in 30 amp outlet in the garage, picked up a 10/3 30 amp cord, connected to the motorhome, 20 minutes later I have the same condition, electrical vibration/surging from the transfer switch contactors, Nothing in the motorhome was turned on, no load condition. Opened the power transfer switch prior to trying this, checked all set screws, all were tight. Power switch toast?
Thanks for your input/help.

jacwjames 06-27-2022 09:13 AM

Well, the good news is that this happened while you were at home and it sounds like you have the ability to replace.
Lots of choices on transfer switches depends on how much you want to spend and if you want any surge protection.

My coach came with this
Been in my coach working for +20 years.

But it does not have surge protections, I added a Progressive Ind surge protector after the transfer switch.

They make transfer switches with surge protection, no idea which one is best.

You need to do some research and buy what works for you.
Good luck

vito.a 06-27-2022 02:12 PM

Power transfer switches need to be exercised regularly or they get sticky. I would first clean the contacts with Hosa Deoxit. Then start the generator and let it run for 5 min and shut down. Do this at least twice.
If that doesn't fix it then replace the transfer switch. Be careful and make sure you unplug it and also disconnect the house batteries first.

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