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tigerwolf67 06-27-2022 04:10 PM

Starter trouble 1997 f53 Bounder 32
So here is my problem and I hope somebody can help me. I purchased this MH about a year and a half ago and have had constant problems. After finally getting the generator to run right, I have ran into a starter problem that has been extremely annoying. I turn the key over and the MH cranks just fine but the starter will not disengage. I replaced the starter with the built in solenoid, and the relay which is inside the flip top for the engine access over on the drivers firewall right behind the radiator fan. Tried it again, starter still hung up, so I replaced the ignition switch on the side of the steering column and went on ahead and replaced the ignition key cylinder while I was there. When I went to test it, MH cranked but the starter would not disengage, this time however (unlike the past times) I could not mess with it to stop it. Turned the key off and it was still turning over, turned the batteries off at the disconnect switches it was still turning over it finally dies on its own, i thought the battery had died. When I turned the key it made a click sound and no turn over from the starter. I check the battery with voltmeter 12.7volts, so its not the battery. The clicking noise is coming from somewhere down near where the steering column goes thru the floor and there is a distinct burnt electrical smell coming from somewhere inside the hood on drivers side but I cant tell exactly where, the only things I can see in that area are the brake master cylinder, the battery disconnect box (big black box), and then below that is the battery. This is my first MH and I have no repair manuals for this old chassis. I have no idea what else to look for. I need some help desperately, pictures, diagrams, ettc...

Diesel-Lover 06-28-2022 09:51 AM

You talk about a generator and then the RV or some such.... best to be absolutely simple and clear for us oldies! Pictures also provide a whole lot of information as to where the smell under the hood etc.

I used to have a very kinky grounding problem with my CHEVY/WORKHORSE Chassis. double grounded not only the engine battery but also the house batteries and the engine itself to the frame and it all worked well. Before that the headlights dimmed, the starter acted drunk, the chassis AC/Heat acted funny and oh yea the horn barely bleated.

After the grounding every thing was as it should be, also moved the battery closer to the starter and alternator by having a shelf welded to shorten the wires creating a better electron highway not impeded by heat generated traffic jams.

SavnTheWales 06-29-2022 02:17 AM

This video might help. It is for a newer Bounder, but shows where the relays are for the ignition.

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