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GordInWoods 06-28-2022 01:45 PM

Roof AC not blowing cold
My 1998 Pace Arrow Vision 36b has 2 roof ACs. Neither is blowing cold air. One of the AC has the valves installed to recharge. Is it possible to recharge these ACs with 134a or 12a?

donr103 06-28-2022 04:51 PM

Look on the unit after you pull the cover.. but I believe they are R22.. and I don't think you can by with license.. you can check it will be on name plate uncover.. when was last time you cleaned the coils ? Any good HVAC guy should be able to fill.. $$ . Also some members here post.. that adding insulation to HVAC helps alot..
Good luck and keep us posted

VolDawg 06-30-2022 01:46 AM

On my 2000 Discovery I was having issues with cold air on both my ac units. I opened them up from the inside to discover that the material separating the warm/cold air exchange had fallen over. This allowed the warm/cold air to mix and my ac was basically sucking up the cold air and then repeating. I used hvac tape to fix the separating material, sealed it all up and instantly had cold air.

I also blocked off the forward ducts that lead to the space behind the old CRT tv. On my most recent trip to the beach I actually bypassed all the ceiling ducts on the front ac unit and let the air simply blow straight down. I could not believe how much cooler the front of the RV is now.

I then performed the same on the rear ac unit and blocked off the duct passage from the rear to the forward vents, forcing all the air to the bathroom and bedroom. It was an amazing difference and we actually have to turn the thermostat up to keep from freezing ourselves out in the bedroom.

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