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Cwhite76 06-29-2022 12:28 PM

Converter issues
When running my generator 7500 watt quiet diesel, after 12 hours or so my fridge starts flashing low DC. And if we ignore/don’t see it my batteries are drained. If plugged into shore power there are no issues. Mhome is a 99 Newmar Mountain Aire

twinboat 06-29-2022 12:53 PM

Generator is substitute for shore power.

What works on shore power is supposed to work on generator power.

Only thing that can change is if one output leg of the generator is not producing power. Have you checked the breakers on the generator ?
If OK, next is a wiring issue, where one leg isn't getting to the auto transfer switch.

Skip426 06-29-2022 02:01 PM

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Welcome to iRV2 . and the vintage Newmar family .

Could you add chassis info to your post ? Freightliner or Spartan ?

Newmar had many options back in the day , does you coach have a single , converter/charger in the power cable bay , or two ?
Or do you have the optional 2000 watt inverter ?
2 or 4 coach batteries ?
There is only a single breaker on my 7500 gen set , I'd imagine yours is the same . But it might be worth the time to cycle the switch fully off and on .

Then as twinboat mentioned , it's time to start testing genset power to all the 120 volt outlets in the coach .
Somehow the converter /charger isn't charging the batteries when gen set is running.

Is your Power transfer switch the original " Todd Engineering " as shown in this picture of my power cable bay .
Lower left.

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