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pecostyle 07-02-2022 04:01 PM

See Level and Jayco Precept 31UL
Has anyone installed the SeeLevel Tank Monitor system in a Precept 31UL? I've crawled under my RV and here's what I've discovered:

- I can access the back of the fresh water tank from way underneath the RV. I have access to the existing level sensors, however very difficult. I think I can install a SeeLevel tank monitor strip on the side of the tank and use the existing wiring.

- I can access the grey water tank by removing the shield behind the passenger rear wheels. I think the current sensors are there and I can install the SeeLevel tank monitor there also.

- The black tank; however, seems to be a REAL problem. The current sensors are 2 on the side and 2 sandwiched between the tank and the outside wall of the RV. The reason for this is because the tank is not flat on the sides so they put 2 sensors on the 'L' shaped side and the higher sensors on the front because it's flat. However, they are now inaccessible. I cannot get at those sensors also making it almost impossible to install a SeeLevel monitor strip on the front (between the tank and the outside wall of the RV). I hate to think I have to cut an access hole in the outside wall just to get access to the top of the black tank.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Val.

MrMark52 07-03-2022 08:59 AM

Not a direct answer to your issue - but I would waste my money on other things before installing the SeaLevel sensors. They’re expensive, and if you treat your properly (research “the Geo method” on YouTube), you will be miles ahead.

Oh, and the SeaLevel system will not read properly with oddly shaped tanks where the capacity volume changes with fluid level. SeaLevel sensors are linear devices in how they sense. The probes you currently have have been linearized by their locations in the tanks.

And BTW - it’s against site rules to double post in different sections. Since your issue is more about SeaLevel sensors than the coach you have, this issue is probably better discussed on the “General” thread.
You’ll probably get a note from one of the mods.

mrboyer 07-03-2022 12:04 PM

Having installed Sea Level system on two different motor homes, I think they are as important as power system protection. Also, I I think that all manufacturers should install them.

pecostyle 07-03-2022 04:15 PM

Thanks for the replies. I will try the Geo Method but I have tried cleaning the black tank and the grey tank and the sensor readings have not gotten any better.

If the sensors are corroded, I would either have to replace them; which I can't get at on the black tank, or install outside sensors like the See Level ones.

P.S. I did get dinged for the second post :blush: . Was just looking for more views and suggestions in the general section.

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