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SantinoDad 07-03-2022 11:04 PM

2016 Minnie Winnie 22r on a Ford E-350 Superduty
Please share any experience with "Trailer Tow" option on the steering wheel stalk.
Besides towing, is this setting also for long curvy downhill roads?
Once set, can you easily disengage while moving?

99dart 07-07-2022 08:07 AM

Yes, it can be used to down-shift when going down hill. It can also be used when climbing a hill. It will hold the lower gear, helping the trans to not up & down continually while climbing a long grade.

TXiceman 07-07-2022 08:19 AM

When we had a E450 Minnie Winnie, I always ran the motorhome in Tow/Haul mode when driving the RV. It had a better shifting pattern and would use engine braking on downhill grades.


Fiesta48 07-16-2022 11:21 AM

The 6 speed is almost perfect. It will up shift and downshift even with the Tow off, to assist in hills. In Tow for me it shifts up and down too often and too low a gear.

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