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JWN 07-06-2022 07:25 PM

HWH jack light out
I have HWH 725 system for jacks. Jacks go down to level and store as usual, but one jack light is out. It is the LED that indicates when the jack is down. How do I determine if bad LED on control panel or switch on jack.

Also it does not seem to be an issue.


ziaptrn 07-06-2022 07:34 PM

Hi - just went through all of this :-)
Easiest way to check the board is to take a wire and ground the pin on the back of the board that corresponds to the wire coming from the jack in question.
HWH has good schematics available on their website that will show pretty quickly which wire is the one in question. You can go there and download the service manual for your system. IIRC, the LEDs are numbered 21-24 for the warning switches and 25-28 for the pressure switches.
The warning switch is normally open, and when the ram moves down the switch closes, grounding the circuit for the light to turn on.
So...take a wire from a good ground on the front by the control box and touch it to the appropriate pin corresponding to the jack with the issue. (The board has to be live, so turn the ignition key to accessory.) If the LED lights, it's not the board, but the warning switch on the jack or the wiring between the control board and the pressure switch.
If the control board passes, then plug the 12-pin connector back in and go ground the connection to the switch at the jack. Turn the system on again, and look and see if the appropriate LED lights. If it doesn't, there is an issue in the wiring between the jack and the switch. If the wiring tests ok, it is the warning switch.
Hope this helps?

Skip426 07-06-2022 07:39 PM

Ok ; so system operates normally , but one led on the control panel isn't functioning to indicate jack down .
I'll read through the 725 manual I have , but first thought would, be either the leveler sensor or the led could be the issue .

I'm thinking that disconnecting the sensor and jumping the wires , if the led lights up ; the sensor is bad ; if not it's the led . BUT don't attempt till I confirm my thoughts or AZ Pete checks in with the exact info. :whistling:

EDIT : I see John posted while I was typing . Boy I type slow .

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