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FastEagle 10-25-2009 08:01 PM

Buying & Selling
We became acquainted with internet auctions when we were in the process of selling our “stuff” prior to going full-timing. We were already registered members of eBay & PayPal and had established good records with them so continuing to use their services was very easy for us. We specialized in small things which were easy to make room for in our large basement. Our source of merchandise was acquired from weekend yard sales, estate sales, and to some extent, flea markets. Old postcards became my specialty and required some in-depth research to learn how to date them or be able to recognize a certain famous photographer. Next is old fishing lures. To my surprise this became the most profitable once I learned who was still in or out of the business. Hard cover, soft cover, and audio books especially those of historical value or those in series can be profitable when found at low yard sale prices. Learning the USPS fees for mailing them will enhance your ability to make a good profit. Military memorabilia will always turn a good profit but is becoming hard to find. I once brought a cigar box full (38) of old PGA Pin Badges for an average of $1.00 each. I sold every one of them for an average profit of $8.75 each. At an estate sale I brought a box full of old books - sight unseen - for $20.00. In the bottom of the box I found 350 old postcards. The top selling one went for $35.00. Everything else was pure profit. We always sell our items at eBay auctions because the excitement comes in watching the bidding.


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