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CoCoDave 11-12-2009 02:51 PM

Dash Radio Replacement Kenwood KDC-115S
Since I was unable to get a definitive answer to this question I thought I'd post the scenario here and maybe save someone else the research time.

My Kenwood KDC-115S dash radio display had grown so dim as to be useless. I sent it off to Kenwood for repair and it was damaged in shipment to the point that I had to replace the radio. Unfortunately, the KDC-115S is no longer available.

I did not want to fool with rewiring the harness or change the mounting sleeve if it could be avoided. Since it turned out that no one, including those I talked to at Kenwood, could say that a particular radio was 100% certain to be 100% compatible with the KDC-115S, I ordered the Kenwood KDC-138/CR on a leap of faith.

It arrived today. After comparing the wiring harness color coding I plugged it in to the original plug, slipped it into the original sleeve and powered it up. Worked like a champ, delivering audio to all of the coach's speakers and to the original point, I can now see what station it's tuned to.

Hope it saves someone time in the future.

wa8yxm 11-13-2009 09:31 AM

Most Kenwood radios (I expect) will fit and work the same.

Also, most other makes either will fit the same or... You can get a ready made adapter cable that plugs into the radio and the Kenwood I/O plug plugs into that.

NOTE: if your radio does not have a "I-Pod" input jack or other line in jack, and it does have the ability to control an external CD player.... Kenwood makes an adapter, about 30-40 bucks, that will convert that port to LINE IN for a I-Pod or Mini-Disc or other audio source.. Very handy.

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