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ThePips 12-15-2009 11:57 AM


Originally Posted by kenenders (Post 577713)
I have a 2000 ks 1000 trans. Mine is located on the very top of transmission.


Originally Posted by walt2137 (Post 578342)
OK Doug, I called Monaco and after a 10 min wait (dont think you are going to want to call them from England ) They said to look in the rear most passenger side compartment and you should see a large ABS plastic cover with a lot of screws in it, remove the screws and the TCM is in there along with some of the other control boards. If you have any other info you need from Monaco e mail me at

Hi Walt,
Thanks for doing that for us, I really appreciate it. I'm going down to the storage compound on Saturday so I'll have a hunt around then.

Once again, I really appreciate your assistance and your persistence. I think I'd have hung up a long time before that!


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