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DCTENT 12-12-2009 10:21 PM

Do you know where your fuse's are?.
Being from Minnesota & The Temp is in the TEEN's, It's too cold to go outside, & I'm trying My hardest to come up with an excuse to keep AWAY from the Honey-Do's, If You know what I mean?.
I Know, I Know, I own a MH. Why don't we just leave?, Well My Mother-In-Law is In assisted living, My wife & I are her only Family, So we are kinda stuck.

Here's the scenario, You are driving down narrow Two lane road, It's 2:00 AM & Raining KITTENS & PUPPIES, Your headlights go out, Now you are on The side of the road standing in the rain trying to locate the fuse that has possibly caused lights to go out, But WHERE Is It???.
Seeing as I don't like too get wet, I have Compiled a Complete Diagram of Locations & Functions of all the fuses in The Front, Rear, Electrical Compartment as well as Closet Compartment fuses In My 2008 Monaco Dynasty.
I have placed These on a Excell spread sheet that I have Printed & Placed in a Three Ring Binder as well as On a CD, Now I don't need to go out in the rain to figure out where the fuse is located.
My Question, Is would this be beneficial to anyone?.

Dr4Film 12-12-2009 11:25 PM

Thanks for the offer DCTENT, however if my headlights went out due to a blown fuse, I would still have to get wet to replace it as it's located in the curbside compartment below the drivers window in a covered black box. Also, I believe that your fuse locations for the '08 Dynasty are most likely not the same for everyone, even if they owned a different year Dynasty. It seems that Monaco decides where to put stuff based on some useless engineering advice.

Shortly after purchasing my coach second hand, I went through each compartment and cupboard looking for fuses, etc. I made a cheat sheet to reference when things go haywire, however just recently I wanted to check the fuse for the tail lights as they weren't working. I could not locate a fuse labeled Tail Lights. Called Moanco Tech and they weren't much help with this problem either. I finally found a 20 amp fuse that was labeled Marker Lights which was blown. Replaced it and back in business. BTW, there was another fuse, 7.5 amp that is used for the marker lamps too. So I re-labeled the diagram on the back of the fuse cover to reflect Monaco's error.

Just a day ago, I was crawling in one of my storage bays to check on the slide motors as my triple slide control board took a dump and I wanted to check each motor to make sure none of them were shorted. Well, I found another area with more fuses that are part of my HWH air leveling system. They are located in a metal box affixed to the top of my #2 storage bay. Just when I thought I knew where all of the fuses were, I really didn't.

Happy Holidays.

Dr4Film ----- Richard.

DCTENT 12-12-2009 11:36 PM

Thnks Dr

And Here I Thought I had My You Know what COVERED, I guess it's back to the drawing board.

Ed_G 12-12-2009 11:42 PM

That's an excellent idea, DCTENT. I will put it on my list to document such things on my coach. Regarding your specific scenario with headlights going out... I think high beams are separate from low beams... not sure. .. but in my case I could at least manage for a bit with the fog lights. Its good to know where all fuses are... and good to have a few spares with you, too.

digNbubbs 12-13-2009 12:52 AM

I took very high resolution pictures of all of my fuse compartments. I have added tags to the images to help remind me of some of the more popular locations. However, the best thing about the high res images is that when I need to look for something, I can zoom in real close to read the labels and location markers. My eyeballs aren't working as well as they use to, and it is sometimes hard to track these things down.


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