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MonacoMama 01-06-2010 02:01 AM

Us Too!
Sacs got this project done last week the same place. What is nice about the location is the reflection of the red light flashing in the passenger side view mirror. It makes it obvious from the front or from the passenger side!:thumb:

hardy1000 01-06-2010 06:55 AM

Good point MM, now that really makes that location the best. My MH is covered so I didn't notice.
Cover is comming off tomorrow getting ready for Quartzsite. :dance::dance:

bobinaz123 01-07-2010 09:18 AM

I have a 2008 Camelot and have followed this thread with interest. Last week I investigated to see if my coach actually had a security system. I the process of my investigation I found out 2 things.

1- I called Trimark (Anita) and found out Monaco wired only the lock and unlock of the doors and the entry lights control. Anita said the Trimark system is capable of providing security functions and I can buy accessories such as motion and shock sensors and a siren to add that capability. Some are wireless and some need wiring.
2- The system comes with a default "Authority" code and one default "Access" code. I decided to change the Authority code since all who know it could easily create an access code and get into the coach. The procedure in the manual to change the Authority code did not work, so I called Anita and found out that capability was not wired by Monaco either. She told me the work-around was to ground the yellow wire on the cable coming from the keypad to accomplish the first 3 steps in the manual of the procedure to change the code. I accessed the connector behind the switch panel to the left as you enter the coach. This grounding gave me a several second tone and I proceded to remaining steps in the procedure to successfully change my Authority code.

Safe at last :)


08 Camelot, 07 Honda CRV

Happycarz 01-07-2010 10:00 AM

I too, was concerned about the authority code, but since Monaco didn't include the blinking red light nor the button, I couldn't change the authority code. Thanks for the tip.

I am looking for wiring diagrams for my coach and you referenced some in a previous post. I have some and would like to compare mine to yours. Check you PM's.

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