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Kablewizard 01-14-2010 08:53 PM

Adding locks to compartment doors
Question. I am looking to replace the locks on all our compartment doors to eliminate the master key effect since almost everyone has the same locks, but the compartment doors for the generator and propane bottles do not have locks on them. Is this a safety standard, or are we allowed to put locks on them for security reasons?

DriVer 01-14-2010 10:00 PM


Originally Posted by Kablewizard (Post 589247)
Is this a safety standard, or are we allowed to put locks on them for security reasons?

Jim, I am expecting that the answer is yes. if you have a fire in the gen set compartment you don't want to delay getting in there by looking for a key. It'll be bad enough already just trying to open the door.

I'm not sure but look up the UL and RVIA regs on these things.

mfire1339 01-14-2010 11:08 PM

Kablewizard, Our 2004 has a lockable gen door but not on the propane door.


alfalfa 01-14-2010 11:52 PM

Jim, I secured my propane tanks with a plastic covered cable that is anchored to the back of the compartment and then looped through the tops of the two propane tanks. I drilled a hole large enough for a padlock to secure the end loop of the cable to the outer tank.

You are not allowed to lock up the compartment that holds propane tanks.

DriVer 01-15-2010 08:15 AM

I have to revise my previous comment. My LP door does not have a lock on the other hand my Generator set does have a lock in order to prevent unauthorized access. My thinking cap was on backward ... all my locks are keyed the same.

Ray,IN 01-15-2010 08:13 PM

With such flimsy doors, increasing lock security is a futile effort. With a simple screwdriver any RV compartment door may be easily destroyed/opened in less than one minute. The cable/padlock suggestion is valid. What you want is the thief to move to an easier target, because time is their main enemy. Per NFPA regulations, which are adopted by each state as law, no LPG container with a shut-off valve, may be secured as to deny access to said shut-off valve in an emergency.

RichR 01-16-2010 10:54 AM

I had all my locks changed when I purchased the trailer-keeps out the rif-raf.I did not add a lock on the propane cabinet,I don't think that would be a good idea.The battery door does lock.

TurtleBack 01-18-2010 03:05 PM

Every door on my rig came with a lock except the propane compartment which also includes the diesel tank. Both of the little diesel doors (inset into the large doors) have locks while the full size door on the passenger side locks.

Since I wanted to eliminate an easy target for a diesel thief I replaced the keyless latch on the driver side with a lockable one.

While we do lock it while driving we never drive with the propane on. It is also locked with the propane shut off if we're off backpacking or on long kayak trips.

If in a RV park probably not likely that a diesel thief will hit but no telling about any other location.


Triker56 01-18-2010 04:06 PM

Like Ray...I never lock mine.
Just do a check on what a new compartment door cost.
If they want a water, sewer hose have at it.
Everything inside the compartments are material things. All can be replaced.

But I full time and don't leave it in any storage unit someplace.

Easyrider 01-18-2010 04:53 PM

After I had already replaced my no lock latch with a lockable latch on my gas filler door I decided it would be easier and less expensive to just put a lockable gas cap on the filler tube and if someone wants the gas it will cost less to replace the cap than the door. I have the same thoughts about locking up the storage doors, the doors cost more than anything I have inside them and it would be a lot easier to replace those things than the doors.

StStg1 01-18-2010 06:01 PM

My storage doors are keyed the same, but my two entry doors have different keys on my TT. Just a few weeks after I purchased the rig, a theif stole my two propane tanks and battery. After I replaced everything. I used a plastic covered cable and master lock to secure the propane tanks and another cable and Master lock to secure the battery box. I also used the cable lock system to secure my spare tire. The theft occured in my driveway, so no place is safe from theives. Since the upgrade, I haven't had any problems. But like they say " If they realy want it, they will take it"

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