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nssracer 01-29-2010 02:45 PM

Radiators bushings
Does anybody know where I can get the bushing that go on the bottom of the radiator? Thanks, Doug Duell 2006 Alpine 40 ft

Dale777 01-29-2010 04:37 PM


In a previous post, Sully Sullivan provided this supplier info for the radiator bushing:

"When we received our new radiator it was apparent that we needed two more bushings as the old radiator only needed two. I also wanted new bushings.
Through Burk Morgan I found out that the bushings were supplied by Trelleborg Automotive
South Haven, MI 49090, but they will not sell to us or Cummins. This caused another week delay as we had to go through their distributor
Mission Sales & Supply in Mansfield Texas,
The bushing is`part #20-02796-01
FS Mount 45
Drawing # 55/1196"

See this link:

Dale777 01-29-2010 04:44 PM


It just occurred to me that you might be looking to retrofit a bushing to the original radiator and mount that was factory installed by WRV (sans bushing), rather than getting bushings for a replacement radiator. If that is the case, then Dick Bunting provided me with the following information for a source of bushings that are suitable for retrofit purposes, since they don't require changing the mount:

"Six Robbles' Inc., 275 N. Seneca Road, Eugene, OR 97402-2460. Phone (800) 222-7874. The part number is B1001, 2 1/2" Round Rubber Bushings. The price is a whopping $1.63 each. The nice thing about these are that there is no additional beef-up of the existing tabs on the radiator and it eliminates the necessity of having a 1" hole with a 5/8" thick plate for the bushings from Mission Sales and Supply."

By the way, Dick Bunting has excellent pictures showing the bushing detail and how he attached them to the factory mounting. Perhaps, Dick would post his pictures if there is an interest.

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