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iron mike 02-01-2010 05:45 PM

Diesel leakage
Several weeks ago I looked under the rear of our coach and found leafage of something. I thought it may have been power steering fluid as discovered last trip to the lower 48. But this fluid was not red but clear. I had to crawl up under and really look hard. couldn't find any thing. I couldn't smell what ever this clear fluid was.

We were at the FT Bliss family camp sight in El Paso. A neighbor walked up and asked why I smelled like diesel.My smeller went with the high blood pressure. This really got my attention. We lifted up the bed and sure enough there had been diesel leaking from the injector pump which was hard to see but the washing action on top of the hydrolic pump was very evident. Apon closer inspection there was diesel on the injector lines. After starting the engine it was a real time leakage coming out of the injector pump line nuts. Apon checking the nuts several were loose. Used one of the strange 7/8" open ended wrenches that is really hard to use but it fit there just normal. When I get to Yakima I will have cummins recheck the torgue.

This could have been a real disaster!! Maybe a lost motor home. My miliage had decreased by 1 mile per gallon but couldn't resolve that issue. Am still looking for that sollution.

Iron Mike, 38" FDDS, 2003 Alpine

MonacoMama 02-02-2010 05:04 PM

It must be a relief to know you found this before hitting the road. Is it possible to find a Cummins service center closer to where you are now to have it looked at?

iron mike 02-03-2010 10:08 AM

Diesel leakage
MonacoMama, Thanks for the suggestion. What I really need is the torque value for those flare nuts. We had already put 3000 miles on the coach this year prior to discovery.

The real question is: Why did they loosen up in the first place? I have never seen this in any of the diesel rigs that have been mine!

I bought a set of Crowsfoot flare nuts from Harbor Frieght in Yuma several days ago. Checked for leakage after parking at SKP Jojoba hills RV park and everything was dry.

Iron Mike, Fairbanks, AK 30 Years, 38' Alpine FDDS

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