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Ralphie251 05-07-2010 03:46 PM

New member 2000 Suncruiser w/some questions
Hello, just joined a few days ago and already had some questions answered (EMS related). We bought our 2000 Suncruiser used 1 year ago. Before that we had our first motorhome, a 1994 Bounder 32H for 3 years. The Bounder was a great learning experience as far as learning how to drive (gotta look up too?), who can stay at the gas pump the longest, and braking distance when going downhill with a full tank of gas and water. 1st lesson learned - not only do you not need 100 gallons of water on board to make it from Massachussetts to Connecticut, you should never have 100 gallons of water on board unless you plan on sprouting wings and making a water drop on a forrest fire (or you are boondocking). Or was it don't run your tires a t 50 PSI because that's what the last owner did or you'll loose 3 tires going to Florida (at least a set of 5 was cheaper in FL than in Mass - 1 was replaced in NC en route so only replace 5 in FL). In any case, we didn't learn our lesson and upgraded (Idiots!!). This time we only lost 1 tire in FL but it cost more than 2 tires on the Bounder (19.5" vs. 16"), but got there with only 15 gallons of fresh water - progress.
Seriously, the Bounder was great, a perfect starter after camping with trailers, but the slides on the Suncruiser, bigger chassis, and all the other upgrades are wonderfull. The only thing I miss is the Onan Marquis Gold which was much quieter than the one in the Itasca (can't remember the model). Anyway, this looks like a realy nice site - has been so far.

Patrick and Brenda

mrschwarz 05-07-2010 09:02 PM

We traded our 2001 Suncruiser a year ago. It was a great coach.

historyljc 05-07-2010 11:09 PM

Patrick and Brenda,
Glad you're enjoying your coach. Ain't gaining experience great!!

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