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Olive 06-24-2010 05:06 PM

I too recommend the Casino Queen RV Park although I've never actually stayed there. A few years ago I decided to stop by St Louis on my way to IA and was directed to the Casino Queen Park. It was almost July 4 so of course they were full but they have or did have large spaces marked off in front of the fence outside of the park for RVs to boondock free. I could not use park facilities, which I didn't need, but did get the shuttle to the river. May be another option if the park is full. I saw security frequently in the lot.

St Louis on July 4 was wonderful, one of my favorites and I lived in DC a few years. They have a fair around the grounds of the Arch. Backed up to the fence I could sit in the MH and watch the fireworks. Had great view and no heat or bugs. It was very hot.

May be an option for you Bill A if those spots are still there. They are on the left as you enter the park just marked off on the gravel of the lot. They are plenty wide to set up. There were several of us there when I was there.

RJay 06-24-2010 05:13 PM

I was at the Arch today and surprised by how high the Mississippi has risen, it is now 5' above flood stage and the road that runs parallel to the river is under 2' of water. The sightseeing helicopter pad and the paddle boat tours are shut down because of the flooding but nothing else that I could see is effected. If the OP can't stay at the casino I would suggest staying at the Sundermeier RV Park in St. Charles, MO Exit 7 off I-370. From there you can either drive into St. Louis, or take the Metrolink from the Lambert Airport Station. A parking garage is about 200 yards from the Arch and the Metrolink station is across the street from it.

Bill Adams 06-24-2010 05:26 PM

The President Casino (the Admiral) is also closed due to the flooding (just N of the attractions you mention). Since it was scheduled to close forever on the 28th of this month I suspect that they really don't care at this point and if the water did recede in the next couple of days I doubt they would open for the last day or 2. When it's over, it's over!

JeffAZ 07-11-2021 10:17 AM

Does anybody have any informative updates to this 11 year old thread, concerning the Arch and nearby camping facilities? Especially with the Covid circumstances?

n2zon 07-11-2021 10:56 AM


Originally Posted by JeffAZ (Post 5827155)
Does anybody have any informative updates to this 11 year old thread, concerning the Arch and nearby camping facilities? Especially with the Covid circumstances?

We were there in early May, and had no trouble finding a nearby campground. (Sorry, don't recall which we used.) At the Arch, masks were required indoors, and only people in the same group could occupy a pod, which cut their capacity by perhaps half. They strongly suggested buying tickets in advance, which we did.

We found the museum in the visitor's center worthwhile. It takes a couple of hours to see all of it, in addition to the time it takes to wait in line, ride a pod, see the view from the top, etc.

mkeitsock 07-11-2021 11:14 AM

We were there in May and stayed at 370 lakeside park campground, beautiful campground on a lake, FHU, about 20 minutes northwest of downtown st. louis. Spacious sites big rig friendly. Off rt 370. The arch limits time at the top to 15 minutes. We also visited US Grants home and the Cahokia mounds, just across the river in Illinois, mounds were awesome, it is a world heritage site. Also visited the city museum in st louis, really cool. As far a rv parking around or near the arch, do not know, we had our toad with us.

David 70 07-11-2021 11:32 AM

St. Louis Arch
Maybe I should check the dates on posts. I read the entire first page and was wondering why the Mississippi was flooding since we are in a drought hiere in Minnesota where the Mississippi starts.:facepalm:

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