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madashby 09-09-2007 01:18 PM

I understand these are no longer made, but is there anyone who can give me info on them? I've never looked at TS, so any info will be great, especially on the Express model.

Roam America 09-09-2007 01:29 PM


First allow me to welcome you to We hope you continue to share your questions and experiences with us.

Travel Supreme is a manufacturer of hig hend trailers and motorhomes. While I am not familiar with the express, I am sure anything they make, or have made, is good. I'm sure someone will be along soon that may have more information.

Hitchhiker 09-09-2007 02:25 PM

Welcome to iRV2.

Here's a link to the Travel Supreme website showing their current selection of fifth wheels. As 'K-Star" has indicated, they are a well built high end trailer and as far as I know they're still being made.

They might have dropped the 'Express' but there are others that replace it.

radshooter 09-09-2007 04:34 PM

We have lived full-time in our '99 TS Express since we bought it new. It is a 36RLTSO. The Express line was one step below the super-duper-all-bells-and-whistles model. We have had no major problems with ours. We are taking it back to the factory this fall for a new roof and a few other minor touchups. We still work full-time, so don't take care of it as well as we should due to time constraints. Overall though, it has held up really well for us. We have spent winters in Idaho and Colorado, and summers in Phoenix and Yuma. This poor trailer has been rode hard and put up wet, and still going strong.

Let me know if you have any more questions, and I will try to answer them.

Good luck......Steve

Ann n Gene 09-10-2007 08:58 AM

Another big plus for Travel Supreme in our opinion is the fact that the factory repair facility will work on ANY Travel Supreme, not just those under warranty. Few manufactures will work on anything except warranty problems. We recently had our Travel Supreme back to the factory for a new roof and ceiling in one of the slideouts. Never any question, they just jumped in and fixed it, along with a few other things, some we had told them about and some they just updated for us. Great folks to work with and a great product. The Express model, as was already pointed out just has a few less frills but the same basic strong trailer. Same frame etc. I THINK it has a rubber roof instead of the fiberglass but otherwise the same on the outside and undercarriage. We are very happy with our Travel Supreme, it is one of the better constructed trailers on the market. just my 2 cents. Gene

Ann n Gene 09-10-2007 09:02 AM

Steve, Man, you have got get this thing straightened out, Idaho and Colorado are for SUMMERS and Phoenix and Yuma definitely for WINTERS. Gene

radshooter 09-10-2007 08:18 PM

Gene: Yeah, we do a lot of things backwards. But, we do not have the luxury of being retired yet, so we kinda have to go where the work is when the work is. That being the case, we much preferred the winter in Idaho and Colo. to the summer in Phoenix/Yuma. I threw that in to show madashby how well insulated these trailers are. We had a week in Idaho where the HIGH for the week was a negative 2*. Never even offered to freeze up any of our pipes.

madashby: I don't think they make the Express line anymore. Not sure when they discontinued it. Gene is right when he said it is the same trailer as the top of the line, just minus a few bells and whistles. We originally ordered a top line model, and a few hours later decided we didn't want to be that far in debt at that time. When we downgraded to the Express, we lost a central vac, nightstands by the bed, fold-down bar on the kitchen counter, and a small hutch between the kitchen and living room. Part of the reason we lost some of those is because we also downgraded from a 40' unit to a 36' unit. There were no structural losses due to downgrading, only cosmetic.

One thing to check is the roof. Ours is rubber, as Gene said, but it is a flat sheet on top. It does not wrap over and down the sides like the newer models do. There is a big seam of caulk all the way around the top of the trailer, and it holds water when it rains because it is too tall for water to run over. Therefore, if you have any small leaks, especially if they are in the low corner where water pools, you will be more prone to water leaks. I helped our situation a few years ago when I re-did the roof with Eternabond all the way around. It helped a lot, but did not entirely fix the problems. This fall, we are upgrading to a fiberglass roof.

Also, be aware that these are heavy trailers. What are you planning to pull with? We started with a 3/4 ton V-10, and quickly upgraded to a 1 ton dually diesel. Much better. Still, I would like to have a converted semi like Gene has in his picture. Due to our work situation though, that is not an option at this time. Our trailer (last time I had it on scales) weighed 16,800 as we are living in it.

Not trying to scare you off, just be aware of what you are getting into. Overall, they are a great trailer. We are planning on keeping ours for at least 5 or 6 more years, maybe more.

Gene (again): Not to hijack this thread, but what tips can you give me about getting to the factory? We will be going there from Grand Island NE. at the end of Oct. Planning on I-80 all the way to just North of Elkhart, then south on highway 19 to Wakarusa. Any input?

Safe travels everyone.........Steve

Ann n Gene 09-14-2007 01:25 PM

Steve, I would get off I 80/90/Indianna turnpike just west of South Bend on Highway 31/20. Stay on 20 till you get to 19 south to Wakarusa. This bypasses all of elkhart, a long winding, full of stoplights road. It also bypasses a lot of traffic. It is divided 4 lane all the way and much quicker/safer to hwy 19. Get to the factory early on the day before your appointment as the rv spaces get pretty full by evening(on the service facility lot and free!). IF you are coming through Chicago anywhere near rush hour I would go out of my way to get south 20 miles or so, traffic is terrible during the day, impossible (frequent 2 hour delays)during rush hour. Understand going where the work is, just had to rattle your cage a little, sorry could not resist. my 2 cents. Gene

LEPage 09-15-2007 05:59 PM

As stated above, the Express line was a good line that has been replaced by the "Classic". I feel the Express was a better line than the Classic. There are differences other than cosmetic though. The frames also were lighter than the Supreme. All Travel Supremes have the roof seam all the way around the roof.That was my biggest gripe when we had our '06 built. That seam was always a pain on our '95. They even have it if you option in the fiberglass roof. They told me the way they put the Aluminum corners on makes damage repair easier. I say do away with the seams! I still say the beast roof you could put on a RV would be to take off the rubber or whatever and have it sprayed with Rhino Lining. If I ever need a roof replacement on this one I'm going to try that.

radshooter 09-17-2007 11:52 PM

Gene: Thanks for the comeback. Good idea about jumping off on 31/20. I took another look at the map and it looks pretty good. I have actually thought about jumping off I80 somewhere just a little west of Chicago, and dropping south way back there. If we did this, we would come into Wakarusa from the South instead of North. I just wonder about how many towns and lights and stop signs I would run into, and how much time we would drop compared to staying on Interstate and taking our chances with the traffic. We are going to be a little pressed for time to get there. Would like to make every hour count as many miles as possible.

LEPage: When we were working in KC there was a Travel Supreme (not an Express) parked beside us. Don't know what year or model it was, but it had the sloped roof (Bedroom higher than the living room). The roof on her trailer did wrap over and down the sides. That is why I thought the flat roof with the big caulk bead was only an Express thing.

Safe travels all....

Tide Guy 09-18-2007 04:17 PM


Sold my 2000 Express last year, upgraded to a 2007 Travel Supreme, we fulltime now. We ordered the Express in 2000 and we really happy with it. It was a very nice unit. Well made, only complaint was the roof, as noted above the rubber roof material didn't lap over the sides which required me to re-caulk about every 18 months or so. When I order my new unit told them to lap the roof material over the sides. they did this for me. Visited the plant last year and took the tour, was impressed. Bottom line the Express is, or was a good line.

Tide Guy
2007 40' Travel Supreme & 2006 Ford F550.

Ann n Gene 09-23-2007 08:56 PM

Steve, we have looked and looked at ways to dodge Chicago. However, they are all long and sllllooooooowwww. Lots of towns and stop lights. Took us 2-3 hours longer than staying on I80. Sorry, if you find something quicker and easier please post it but I do not think that you will. We went south a couple of different ways, the roads, for the most part are narrow with many right angle corners, slow moving vehicles, stop signs and lights and wweave through several towns. just our experience. Gene

radshooter 09-25-2007 09:03 PM

Thanks for all the info Gene. I've been studying the route off and on since this thread started and agree with you. There is no good way around it. We will bite the bullet and stay on 80.

Our schedule has changed a little. We will be leaving Grand Island sooner than we originally planned. We will now be leaving Thursday afternoon instead of Saturday morning. That will give us a few more days to ease through. We will probably try the Chicago leg on Saturday evening or Sunday morning and try to miss some of the traffic.

Thanks again for all your info.


Ann n Gene 09-26-2007 06:24 PM

Good luck, we have done the weekend thing and it is really not bad then. If you avoid it till after 8 or 9 pm also is not bad. Just take it easy and you will be fine. Gene

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