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justimagination 11-05-2010 12:25 AM

Basement Door latch repair
:whistling: Wanted to share with everyone how I successfully repaired a stuck latch on the side of one of my bay doors. I had tried plenty of wd/40 with no luck. There is absolutely no way to get to the back side to access, even though some have said cutting an access hole which was not an option for me. I soaked the latch really good several times and using my air compressor to force the wd/40 to the inside of the latch. The latch was stuck in the IN position making it impossible to get it t release. I found that using a small feeler gauge (the type you set point gap with in a distributor ), using.010 size, i inserted it on all four sides of the striker working the corrosion loose, more wd/40 and more air, finally getting some movement. There is no way to pull out on the striker in order to help free it up, so when I found out it was plastic, I drilled a small hole in the beveled part of it just big enough to insert an ICE PICK. Now with the ice pick inserted it gave me leverage to free it up by pulling the handle to pull in the striker, and use the ICE PICK to pull it back out. After about 15 minutes of this along with wd/40 and the air compressor, it works like new. Finally I blew it out real good and coated it with silicone spray and it is smooth as ever. I finished with some white spray lithium grease, and I did not have to buy a new latch, or cut a hole in a perfectlly good door. Don't forget to also coat the BODY striker as well with the white grease, these area's pick up a lot of road grime & grit. Give it a try, it worked for me. JMHO and hope you get something out of it. Good luck, happy trails & travel safe.
David G :dance:

GaryKD 11-05-2010 07:24 AM

Hi justimagination,
Thanks for the fix information, I especially like your use of lithium grease. I had forgotten all about lithium grease.

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