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Fletcher0077 12-15-2010 09:27 PM

I can't believe it was leaking
'03 Adventure 35U. Had a problem with a leak coming in from the front of the MH. Water came out from the botton of the TV cabinet and from the small cabinets left side over the driver. I took the cabinet door and lining off of front and left cabinet. Sure enough...very wet up around the eitire corner. Antenna, wind sensor, satelite dish, clearance lights all dry.

I have checked and re-caulked the front cap attachment to roof where it looked weak and cleaned the cap to wall joint. Mostly original caulk though. It looks perfect, pushed, pulled, and tried to lift off but couldn't. Also had pros. look at it. All said A-OK. By the way the clearence light cutouts are not cutouts but molded into the front cap. Completely sealed even if water coming in around lens. Wires sealed in.

In frustration I cut a 6" wide X 9' long strip of heavy duty black plastic duct (duck?) tape. Taped the plastic down with the best tape I could find. THE LEAK STOPPED! and its been raining hard here for a week.

I bought two 50'X4" rolls of EternaBond and plan on using on all joints and J channel. But to much rain on the NorthWest coast now.

smlranger 12-16-2010 05:52 AM

I must be missing something. What did you cover with the plastic, the cap to roof joint?

Fletcher0077 12-17-2010 08:47 PM

Front cap to roof
Sorry I wasn't clear, yes I covered the front cap to roof joint the full width of the MH with the plastic and sealed it down with duck tape. The leak stopped but I do not understand how water was getting past the caulking.

Journey39n 12-19-2010 02:11 AM

front cap to roof joint
Also in the Pacific Northwest. Last spring, I had a small leak in my 2003 Horizon, front cabinet over entry door.

Couldn't find a leak, but had some time between rain showers in May, and decided the joint hadn't been caulked in a long time. So I got the right 3M caulk, and scraped the old joint as clean as I could. What was not visible, was an air gap right behind one section of the caulking. It looked very tight, but after I scraped some, I was able to pull out a 3 foot long piece of caulk, that was not sticking to the top and bottom of the joint.

When water was running down the roof, from back to front, and the temperature was cold enough, the joint must have opened just enough to let some water through.

The tape method would have been the easiest fix, but I decided to follow winnebago's instructions and do it their way. No leaks in following rain storms, so the system works. But not something I would want to tackle in winter.

Now we have a new rig, and boy has it rained lately!

I really hate leaks.

Dan & Barb
2010 JourneyExpress 39n

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