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RickO 01-06-2011 12:09 PM

Steer Safe vs Safe T Plus
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I've just received the following via email from David Hall at Safe T Plus. In a previous thread regarding the use of Henderson's trim kit for the Safe T Plus David had been kind enough to provide some clarifying information. He has recently gotten several inquiries regarding the differences in Steer Safe and Safe T Plus and he's provided the following explanation:

The main difference between the Safe-T-Plus unit and Steer Safe is in the approaches to solving similar issues. Some operators are using both systems, as their applications donít overlap.

Steer Safe introduces a pair of extended springs on each of the steer tires in an attempt to capture shimmy and outside influences at the king pins (hinges). The attach bar is also hinged and the net result is a neutral feel at the steering wheel until approaching near the limits of travel ( something exceeding 20-30 degrees ).

Safe-T-Plus introduces a preloaded coil spring and a 50/50 hydraulic damper into the middle of the steering system by attaching to the tie rod. This way it returns the system to center and firms up the steering in your hand. Outside influences are captured by affecting both steer tires simultaneously and with equal force.

See these at

See these at

DriVer 01-07-2011 08:36 PM

My setup is exactly like the Safe-T-Plus picture. I have both the an STP +plus+ a front mounted track bar. Both devices work to influence the steering wheel to yield 0 effort while driving your rig. The STP eliminates most of the bump steer from the irregularities in the road and the track bar stabilizes any shifting in the leaf springs. I can drive my rig with one hand on the wheel and normally it's not a stressful day of driving at any time even under adverse conditions.

What makes all the stuff work as expected in the front of the coach is a track bar in the rear of the coach. When I did this mod some 7 years ago I did the rear track bar first and then the STP and front track bar.

One of the service centers that I went to in Ocala had a customer with an SS device on the FE of the rig and he couldn't put that rig on the lift without removing the SS units.

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