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bigdog 03-29-2011 12:33 PM

rough trip..
Actually this trip was a couple of weeks ago when the stepson,the dawg and I decided to got to the beach.We headed out in the middle of a rain storm for Grayland Beach SP. Got there,got into the site we wanted and it was relatively nice,but blowing about 30mph.That night the wind picked up a bit,60-65,and rained a lot harder. In fact after watching Idol,I pulled both the sat dish and the slides and we still rocked and rolled.Next day was VERY heavy rains and while watching WSU win their NIT game,the DW texted me from Kauai about the earthquake and tsunami.. OOppss,we're only 100 feet from the beach behind a sand dune you can see over.I put some extra water in the tank and hooked up the toad just in case and sure enuff the ranger was there at 6:30 AM telling us they were closing the park. Pulled the jacks and slides and headed inland.Found a place in Raymond Wa for a couple of hours and then went down to Cape Disappointment SP,arriving at 10am and they wouldn't let us in till 4:30PM.Bummer..Had a good 2 day stay there,but a lot of rain and wind.We finally headed for Portland and didn't have any wind crossing the Columbia River at Astoria,3 mile bridge,but got snow on Hwy 26 in the coast range. The weather going home up I-5 wasn't any better except that we had a tailwind for once and when we got there,the pavement was dry and the sun was out with clear blue sky for two days..
Oh and we saw no signs of the Tsunami anywhere on the coast either.

Ridgerunner 03-30-2011 06:06 AM

It's always nice to get out a do a little camping even during the winter. we just got rid off our older motor home and are looking for a newer one now i will be in retirement on the first of June and the wife and i are looking forward to some rv time away for the house fishing or what ever we want to do o yea be be right next door were in bremerton. :)

SpursMVP 03-30-2011 06:15 AM

We camp all year round...who's afraid of a little snow.

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