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RVThere 07-06-2011 07:48 PM

Quick Trip - NJ to Wyoming
Leaving tomorrow to drop my son off at the National Outdoor Leadership School in Lander, WY. He will be rock climbing for 3 weeks.

On the way we plan on going to the Air Force museum in Dayton, OH, visit some relatives in Chicago, see the Badlands and Minuteman Missle silo in SD, then Devils Tower and Thermopolis in WY. Then fast trip back for some business meetings.

RickO 07-12-2011 03:59 PM

We just came through the Badlands after a week in the Black Hills and we did the Minuteman tour on a previous trip. So scary to think of having a couple of youngsters down in those holes babysitting those things... but really interesting.

Be safe and fill us in when you return.


RVThere 07-18-2011 06:17 PM

My AC clutch troubles are detailed in another post so I figured I would concentrate on the positives here:

1. Went to the Air Force museum in Dayton, OH. OUTSTANDING! My son and I spent the whole day there going through the museum twice to make sure we didn't miss anything. Display on Bob Hope performing for our troops was great. My son had never heard of Bob Hope but they had a video display of his stand up routine. The jokes are still funny after all these years!
2. Drove through intense storm in Rockford, IL. Wind blew a tractor trailer over.
3. Stayed in nice, clean, quiet camground in Salem, SD. Drove to Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD. Mitchell is a very depressed city - almost a living ghost town. All the development is near the highway and the downtown is dead.
4. Drove through Badlands and stopped to climb around with my son.
5. Wend to Miniteman Missle silo and launch facility right past the Badlands exit. Pick up tickets at visitor center and you can go down 32 feet to the launch facility.
6. Counld not pass up another visit to Wall Drug. Great french fries and donuts.
7. Stayed in Buffalo, WY at the Indian Campground. Saw my 2nd Newell motorhome. Boy are they nice!
8. Drove over the pass and down to Lander, WY. Dropped off my son at NOLS for his rock climbing class. Spent the day wandering around Lander (downtown is definitely alive!). Also went to Sinks Canyon State Park where the river disappears into a cavern and reappears out of the canyon wall about a half a mile down. Stayed in Sleeping Bear campground in Lander.
8. Drove home. Had AC freeze up (see separate post). Got it fixed in Casper, WY (thanks to Stewart & Stevenson!).

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