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benningtonr 08-08-2011 12:41 PM

New to the site, looking for info on 92 PA 35V
I have a (getting Friday) 35V Pace arrow, Fleetwood rep said it was a vision, not sure. this is all according to the vin number. Owner I am buying from says it has a 454, but a 35v from the documentation Fleetwood sent me says it is an Oshkosh chassis, and that they came with a 460. Another puzzling piece is that it has the banks power system, but when I went to their site, and look up the power pack system, it says it will not fit an Oshkosh chassis, yet the pictures of the motorhome show the banks power pack logo on the side. Any info on this MH would be greatly appreciated.


MSHappyCampers 08-09-2011 08:53 AM

Welcome to the site! Can't help you on the questions but there are lots of smart folks here the probably can! Good luck! :thumb:

benningtonr 08-09-2011 11:27 AM

Called fw again , the vin is definitly for an odhkosh chassis. Is there a difference between them, besides drive train. Which is better?

Midniteoyl 09-18-2011 10:50 PM

If it IS an Oshkosh, the you must have a 460 ford/C6 combo...

Personally, out of all the early 90's/Late 80's MH's I've driven, the Oshkosh was the best. Really nice driving...Its what I have now.

As for the drive train, according to online sources, its a wash. The 454 was a little quieter, but hotter. Most say the 460 got slightly better MPH too.. The C6 is one of the toughest transmissions you'll ever see.

As a note, the 460's cam timing got retarded in 1973 by about 8 degrees.. Some say that you can gain some power back if you swap the timing chain out for a pre-'72 one...

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