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Community Administrators
Community Administrator

Andy R

  • Team Bio: Andy enjoys traveling through out the United States and around the globe. He spent 4 years on an around the world trip working from his laptop building the Social Knowledge, the media company that owns the iRV2.com Community. Andy's favorite camping destination in the United States is Jackson Wyoming and neighboring Yellow Stone Park. He's married and has 1 child on the way.
  • RV Manufacturer: Airstream
  • RV Model: Bambi
  • Join Date: 06-23-2007 at 07:41 AM (Days: 4,998)
  • Last Visit: 01-29-2021 at 03:36 PM
  • Last Activity: 02-01-2021
  • Posts: 1,131 (Posts Per Day: 0.23)
  • Last Post: 08-04-2020 at 12:29 PM
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Community Administrator


  • RV Manufacturer: fleetwood
  • RV Model: bounder
  • Join Date: 08-30-2009 at 07:02 AM (Days: 4,199)
  • Last Visit: Today at 04:10 PM
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  • Posts: 43,696 (Posts Per Day: 10.41)
  • Last Post: Today at 04:08 PM
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Community Administrator

Interface Admin

  • Team Bio: A registered member of the Night Owl Society, Interface Admin prefers to burn the midnight oil and work while others sleep. Typically, he just fixes bugs that Internet Explorer creates. Takes it personal, and thinks that Internet Explorer is out to get him.
  • Join Date: 05-20-2011 at 11:06 PM (Days: 3,570)
  • Last Visit: 09-17-2020 at 01:40 PM
  • Last Activity: 09-17-2020
  • Posts: 9 (Posts Per Day: 0.00)
  • Last Post: 07-06-2017 at 09:02 AM
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Community Administrator

Janet H

  • Location: Olympic Penn.
  • Team Bio: Janet is a working musician residing in the Pacific NW and a recently reformed tent camper who loves to camp in out of the way places. She and her husband restore vintage Airstreams as a hobby. Passions include asian pears, people watching and wide open spaces.
  • RV Manufacturer: Airstream
  • RV Model: Globetrotter
  • Join Date: 07-29-2008 at 04:56 PM (Days: 4,595)
  • Last Visit: Yesterday at 05:13 PM
  • Date of Birth August 12
  • Last Activity: Today
  • Posts: 7,078 (Posts Per Day: 1.54)
  • Last Post: 02-23-2021 at 06:39 PM
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Community Administrator


  • Location: Marquette, Michigan "Da UP" & Lehigh Acres Fl
  • Team Bio: While I'm now living in Marquette, Michigan (update make that Lehigh Acres, Florida) I was born in Rhode Island. I left there in 1960 and spent 20 years in the US Air Force being stationed in England, Germany, New Jersey, South Vietnam, Kansas, and finally in Michigan where I retired from the Air Force in 1980. I've been in business for myself and retired in 2014. While being new to RV ownership in 2010 I have had many dealings with those who have been RVers for years which helped develop my interest in the lifestyle. My wife and I consider ourselves travelers more than campers in the true sense of the meaning. While I will not be full timing it anytime in the foreseeable future, I plan on combining my interest in sports cars with RVing by using my 79 Fiat Spider as a toad.
  • RV Manufacturer: Fleetwood
  • RV Model: Pace Arrow WorkHorse W24
  • Join Date: 09-26-2010 at 04:56 PM (Days: 3,806)
  • Last Visit: Yesterday at 11:36 PM
  • Last Activity: Today
  • Posts: 21,386 (Posts Per Day: 5.62)
  • Last Post: 02-22-2021 at 05:29 PM
  • Contact: Visit JohnRR's homepage!
Community Administrator


  • Team Bio: A born and bred ďbleeds scarlet & grayĒ Buckeye, NLOVNIT decided rv-ing was in her future after enduring 3 days in a small tent in 40-degree, rainy weather. A TT, 5-r and motorhome later, she and her husband enjoy visiting campgrounds in and around Ohio, and dream of the day when they can sell the stick-house to travel the United States in a rig big enough to trailer her prized 1966 Mustang GT convertible and his vintage 1981 Honda Silverwing.
  • RV Manufacturer: Tiffin
  • RV Model: Phaeton XSH 40 IH
  • Join Date: 03-04-2002 at 11:51 AM (Days: 6,934)
  • Last Visit: Today at 01:55 PM
  • Date of Birth  
  • Last Activity:  
  • Posts: 33,667 (Posts Per Day: 4.86)
  • Last Post: Today at 04:14 PM
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Community Administrator


  • Location: Lone Star State
  • Team Bio: Life long camper - after several tents, 2 pop-tops, 2 TT's, we now enjoy a Class A! 24 years in Coast Guard Maritime Law Enforcement and now doing similar for the Feds, plus helping with a 510.c3 Dog Rescue. Married to the beautiful Kimberly, father to 3 great kids and several fur babies. Leaving SoCal 2020 for the Great State of Texas. Wish us luck?
  • RV Manufacturer: Damon
  • RV Model: Outlaw 3611, Workhorse W24, 8.1L, Allison 2100 6spd.
  • Join Date: 03-20-2012 at 06:51 PM (Days: 3,265)
  • Last Visit: 10-27-2020 at 01:32 PM
  • Date of Birth August 13
  • Last Activity: 10-28-2020
  • Posts: 19,204 (Posts Per Day: 5.88)
  • Last Post: 08-20-2020 at 07:28 PM
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Community Administrator


  • Location: Southern Indiana
  • Team Bio: My wife Angie and I started RV life many years ago with an old Class C. Took a break from that for about 14 years and jumped back in with our current Class A in 2014. We have 2 girls away at Grad School and a third just starting College. Spending time visiting our girls and seeing the country of ours is what we truly enjoy doing now, when time allows......
  • RV Manufacturer: Newmar
  • RV Model: Mountain Aire 4095
  • Join Date: 04-05-2014 at 04:35 PM (Days: 2,519)
  • Last Visit: 02-20-2021 at 05:23 PM
  • Last Activity: 02-20-2021
  • Posts: 15,176 (Posts Per Day: 6.02)
  • Last Post: 02-17-2021 at 06:29 PM
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Community Administrator

Support Admin

  • Team Bio: A Geek Squad wannabe, Support Admin lives for resolving account and forum issues while eating cold pizza and binge watching Netflix movies.
  • Join Date: 11-13-2012 at 10:57 AM (Days: 3,027)
  • Last Visit: 11-03-2020 at 11:28 PM
  • Last Activity: 11-27-2020
  • Posts: 118 (Posts Per Day: 0.04)
  • Last Post: 07-16-2017 at 09:21 AM
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Community Administrator

Tech Admin

  • Team Bio: tech admin is our forums tech guru. Although he rarely has time to camp, tall trees and warm weather are key factors for an enjoyable time. Look for tech admin online at odd hours when most reasonable folks would prefer to be enjoying the sounds of crickets and crackling campfires.
  • Join Date: 09-22-2008 at 08:00 PM (Days: 4,540)
  • Last Visit: 02-24-2021 at 06:28 AM
  • Date of Birth  
  • Last Activity:  
  • Posts: 208 (Posts Per Day: 0.05)
  • Last Post: 12-15-2020 at 07:47 AM
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Community Moderators
Community Moderator


  • RV Manufacturer: Newmar
  • RV Model: KS-3740 W-22
  • Join Date: 10-04-2004 at 06:43 PM (Days: 5,989)
  • Last Visit: 02-23-2021 at 06:21 PM
  • Date of Birth December 28
  • Last Activity: 02-24-2021
  • Posts: 30,573 (Posts Per Day: 5.10)
  • Last Post: 02-24-2021 at 05:27 PM
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Community Moderator


  • Location: Between the Oceans
  • Team Bio: My wife Polly and I bought our first RV in 2011 that we are still riding on today. After both of us were retired from software/hardware engineering in 2014, we jump started on RV full timing, travelling the whole nation and our northern neighbor. We enjoy seeing the beauty of the land, and visiting our grown up children. We will continue doing so until the day we hang up the keys.
  • RV Manufacturer: Country Coach
  • RV Model: Intrigue
  • Join Date: 09-04-2011 at 10:35 PM (Days: 3,463)
  • Last Visit: Today at 04:57 PM
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  • Posts: 7,031 (Posts Per Day: 2.03)
  • Last Post: Today at 07:01 PM
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Community Moderator

Lt Dan

  • Location: DFW, Texas
  • Team Bio: Ro and I started out in a tent in 1984 but that only lasted three trips. Fast forward to 2010 we bought our first motorhome, a 2006 Itasca. Between that one, our '15 Tiffin RED and our current Phateon we have covered all 48 lower states in the RVs and ridden our motorcycle in all 48 as well. I am a 27 year police officer currently drawing retirement but still active as a reserve investigator. I left law enforcement for several years as a professional photographer, but came back about eleven years ago.
  • RV Manufacturer: Tiffin
  • RV Model: Phaeton 40IH XSH
  • Join Date: 09-01-2013 at 10:19 PM (Days: 2,735)
  • Last Visit: Today at 11:48 AM
  • Last Activity:  
  • Posts: 8,161 (Posts Per Day: 2.98)
  • Last Post: Today at 05:23 PM
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Community Moderator


  • Location: Weyauwega, WI US
  • Team Bio: Petro recently retired as the owner/operator of a truck stop. Active in local politics and service organizations, he served as Mayor of his community. Petro loves attending barbecues and meeting new people. He and his wife are currently enjoying their 5th class A motorhome and looking forward to upcoming Freightliner and iRV2 rallies!
  • RV Manufacturer: Itasca
  • RV Model: Horizon
  • Join Date: 12-22-2003 at 04:21 PM (Days: 6,276)
  • Last Visit: Today at 09:34 AM
  • Date of Birth February 10, 1940
  • Age 81
  • Last Activity: Today
  • Posts: 7,306 (Posts Per Day: 1.16)
  • Last Post: Today at 09:11 AM
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Community Moderator

RV Wizard

  • Location: Chattanooga, Tn.
  • Team Bio: If you slow down, you can go faster.
  • RV Manufacturer: Gulf Stream
  • RV Model: Scenic Cruiser
  • Join Date: 03-26-2000 at 11:00 PM (Days: 7,642)
  • Last Visit: 12-11-2019 at 03:39 AM
  • Date of Birth April 2, 1956
  • Age 64
  • Last Activity: 03-07-2020
  • Posts: 12,063 (Posts Per Day: 1.58)
  • Last Post: 04-03-2019 at 06:49 AM
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Community Moderator


  • Location: Central, Arkansas
  • Team Bio: We started RV'ing in 2017. Our first rig was a 34' TT and we found out how much we loved the lifestyle. Moving up to a 5'er and then a Motorhome we have decided to move to full time and are working on that goal. Soon the S&B will be gone and we will begin our adventure.
  • RV Manufacturer: Beaver
  • RV Model: Monterey Laguna IV
  • Join Date: 07-25-2016 at 09:09 AM (Days: 1,677)
  • Last Visit: Yesterday at 07:21 PM
  • Date of Birth August 27, 1965
  • Age 55
  • Last Activity: Today
  • Posts: 8,075 (Posts Per Day: 4.81)
  • Last Post: Today at 05:37 AM
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Community Moderator


  • Location: Point Pleasant Beach, NJ
  • Team Bio: My wife Ruth and I started RVing in 2010. We decided to dive into the deep end and bought a '05 Dutch Star. So far it has been an adventure. We love to travel and be outdoors. We retired in 2014 and since then have been trying to see as much of the USA as we can. I like playing keyboards and guitar. Our two daughters and five grandchildren keep us on the go and feeling young.
  • RV Manufacturer: newmar
  • RV Model: London Aire 4519
  • Join Date: 02-03-2011 at 11:17 AM (Days: 3,676)
  • Last Visit: Today at 04:47 PM
  • Date of Birth December 10
  • Last Activity: Today
  • Posts: 22,252 (Posts Per Day: 6.05)
  • Last Post: Today at 04:47 PM
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Rallies and Events
iRV2 Marketing


  • Location: Conway, SC
  • Team Bio: Colleen and I began RVing back in the 1980s after tenting. We joined iRV2 in January of 2000. We have been owners of a folding camper, travel trailer, fifth wheel and 2 Class A motorhomes. I worked for a major Chassis manufacturer for 5 years and I was on the road as a vendor having attended many major RV events. I am currently the Director of Rallies and Events and we just completed the 2019 International Rally. We are currently planning the 2020 Rally in Sevierville, TN for September.
  • RV Manufacturer: Winnebago/Workhorse
  • RV Model: Adventurer 38G/Workhorse W22ô
  • Join Date: 01-28-2000 at 11:00 PM (Days: 7,700)
  • Last Visit: 02-24-2021 at 06:35 AM
  • Date of Birth October 31
  • Last Activity: Yesterday
  • Posts: 23,610 (Posts Per Day: 3.07)
  • Last Post: 02-24-2021 at 06:35 AM
  • Contact:

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